Terror Suspect Arrested After Planting Bomb In U.S. City

The windy city

The Intellihub
By Shepard Ambellas

22-year old Sami Hassoun was arrested shortly after planting a fake explosive device outside a local Chicago bar. Hassoun is a Lebanese citizen, who according to the agent involved in the investigation “want’s to kill as many people as possible”.

The story gets interesting with the revelations that the FBI provided the 22 year old alleged terrorist with the fake explosive devise. An undercover agent sold the fake explosive devise to the suspect in a “sting.”

A federal agent provided the alleged terrorist with the backpack containing the fake explosive devise that the suspect later activated. The fake charge was dropped into a public trash can outside a pub.

Reportedly the man was upset about events that have taken place over seas.

So far there is no connections between this homegrown terrorist, or anything linking him to any other known terror cells.

We will monitor the situation and continue to bring you updates as we get them.