Terror threat remains on Capitol Hill, terror expert says

"All bets are off now -- right? A full scrub of the United States government has to be done to ensure that all members of government no matter their parties are kept safe."

Analyst Malcolm Nance appeared on MSNBC on Saturday where he blamed U.S. lawmakers for security holes that led to this week’s siege on the U.S. Capitol.

Nance said supporters of the president stormed the capitol building under the pretext of a peaceful assembly.

The MSNBC analyst pointed out on the broadcast that “military-aged males” were among those who led Wednesday’s charge.

To make matters worse, Nance said the Trump administration did not see “white Trump protesters” as a “threat” and

“This was a national security event,” Nance explained. “The vice president of the United States was there — the vice president-elect was in the room — both with secret service details — the speaker of the house was there… one-third of the U.S. government could have been killed.”

The left-leaning analyst also reminded viewers that gallows were erected on the lawn as onlookers chanted: “hang Mike Pence.”


The terror analyst views the lack of security as a complete failure of the system and feels a threat remains until the issues at hand are addressed.

Nance is the author of the book The Plot To Betray America.