Tesla Had Free Energy; Why Don’t We?

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Nikola Tesla

Mark Cline

We are being totally defrauded due to the decision to remain rationally ignorant of Nikola Tesla’s free radiant energy. I am talking about the genius who gave us electricity, fluorescent lighting, free radiant energy gatherers, and the generators to go with it. It has been suppressed since the first decade of the 1900’s.

Oil, Gas, Coal, Biofuel, Solar, Wind, et al, are on par with the buggy whip industry. It is time to move foreword, and address the American politics and policies, on all sides, and parties. I say this as a degreed physicist.

If our grandparents had paid attention, American wouldn’t be in the mess we are now.

The back and forth political arguments over oil is missing the point. Also, best use of knowledge and resources is ignored. There is no doubt, and it is absolute, that the free radiant energy of Tesla’s , trumps the need to argue over the other energy generation systems. It is so apparent that the rational ignorance of “Tesla energy”, points out the political and economic agendas on all sides of the issue.

Flat out, there is no argument NOT to use Tesla’s technology, over all the above stated rest. Oil, coal, and the rest will still be used. Primarily for chemicals and plastics. The utilities could generate free energy, and disperse it, until the translation to individual (home use) is complete. The auto sector would be revived.

There is no doubt that the those who produce their products, and the taxes from the production, are only part of the problem. In a broader view, the endless political arguments keep the masses concentrated on the perception that the present status quo in energy use, necessitates that continued acquisition and use of those (main) energy venues. Also, free refutes the need for all out acquisition, and maintaince of those resources, at all costs. Basically, the people are asleep, and both sides of the political issues are happy; because, they duck the Tesla technology solution, and thus strengthen and maintain their grip on money spent, and power obtained.


In closing, if people would take the time to verify for themselves the veracity of the statements herein, by reading about , the machines that are available, and the plans that are offered, then it would be “case closed.” Further, if one “Googles” Tesla free radiant energy, they will find the same information. In fact, with videos, articles, and offers that substantiate the statements herein. It is so apparent. Less energy goes in than goes out. Col. Bearsden has already made the machines. The Swiss have six machines running, the Australians have a machine that is going on the market. It takes the desire to know the truth. You do the work, and find out. For myself, I am looking at the plans right now. In the BIN articles, Dr. T. Termotto, and his group, also, at length, point these assertions out.

If the reader would take heed to the points made, and edify themselves of these truths, they would be better served. The free energy will be used, it is our duty, as citizens to consider them, now.