Tethered drones will patrol Boston Marathon: Police state in place

Boston will become a massive police state, over 5000 law enforcement personnel set to police marathon race

BOSTON, Mass. (INTELLIHUB) — Two tethered drones capable of staying aloft for days will scout for illicit activity near the Boston Marathon starting line as an addition to the city’s high-security measures.

The Persistent Aerial Reconnaissance and Communications (PARC) drones were built by CyPhy Works, a local company, and are controlled using a set of ultra-thin and lightweight wires which provide a constant source of power.

“The wire provides power so it can stay up for days, and days, and days, it doesn’t have to come down,” the company’s Vice President Perry Stoll told the Herald. “It can send unhackable, secure communication up and down the tether as well. It’s perfect for public safety and security where it has to be up for a while.”

The PARC drones were also used in the 2016 Tokyo Marathon, allowing designers to make crucial adjustments for their service in Boston.

Kurt Schwartz, with the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency, said that the drones work well over a “dense population of people” and will provide authorities with pristine “live feeds” of the event.

More than 5000 law enforcement personnel are being dispatched for the event.

Featured Image: PARC tethered drone (Screencapture via CyPhy.com)
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