Texas couple’s electricity bill spikes to nearly $10k in just several days for a 3 bedroom home

Texas residents are outraged over exploding energy costs. Will residents who can't afford to keep their home 'improved' face eviction?


Texas residents are scrambling to put cash on utility apps to keep their power on after utility rates spiked statewide on Monday to $9,000 per megawatt-hour due to foul weather.

Power bills for vacant homes that are currently just sitting in inventory have reached $1,200 a month. Dallas-Fort Worth resident Jose Del Rio told NBC News that electricity costs on a vacant home he is trying to sell are now through the roof.

The Dallas-Fort Worth man regularly pays about $125 a month to keep the pipes warm but has already been charged over $600 this month.

In today’s day and age, it’s not uncommon that people pay their utility bills daily or even weekly using apps like Griddy. But some, like Rio, are struggling with the astronomical costs.

“If worse comes to worst, I have the ability to put it on a credit card or figure something out,” Rio explained. “There is no one living in that house. All the lights are off. But I have the air at 60 because I don’t want the pipes to freeze.”

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Griddy is a wholesale electrical provider in Texas which offers pay-as-yo-go billing for customers who typically can’t afford large monthly bills. However, residents have been left perplexed as to how they will pay their bills.


As a caveat, NBC reports that a Willow Park couple was charged almost $10,000 for electricity to heat their 3 bedroom residence.

“Royce Pierce and his wife, Danielle, who live in Willow Park, west of Dallas, have been watching their electricity bill tick up by nearly $10,000 in the last few days for their three-bedroom home. While the family told NBC News they consider themselves lucky because they’ve had power, the financial burden has come with additional challenges,” NBC reports.

In response to the pandemonium, Intellihub frontman Shepard Ambellas Tweeted:

People didn’t want to believe it. Now the MSM is reporting it.

Monday’s guest from Houston is going to spill the beans. Stay tuned.


Will residents who can’t afford to keep their home ‘improved’ face eviction?

Lone Star State resident Aaron Cole told Intellihub staff in a text message on Monday that under Texas code houses can be condemned for not having necessities such as power and running water.

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“If you can’t provide water and power to your house in Texas, it’s pretty common that they condemn your house and you can’t live in it,” he explained. “Those FEMA camps sure do come in handy then.”

Houston resident Dr. Tawanna Worlds will appear on The Shepard Ambellas Show on Monday to talk about what’s really going on in Texas. The show airs weekdays (Mon-Fri) at 5 pm Eastern/4C/2P on the Shepard Ambellas YouTube channel.

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