Texas gas shortage may become a real gas crisis

How many more days can Texans go with no fuel at the pumps before the so-called gas shortage is deemed an actual gas crisis?

Update: Some gas stations in Austin and San Antonio area are reportedly receiving limited shipments of gas.

(INTELLIHUB) — It is being echoed throughout the media and on social media that there really is not a fuel shortage in Texas and that the situation is simply being caused by people panicking and filling up their tanks but there may be more to the situation than meets the eye.

It’s safe to say that people need gas in their vehicles in order to get to work and travel to other places they wish to go throughout the week. Most people, depending on what they do, gas up their vehicles every 3 to 7 days on average. So regardless, whether they gas up today tomorrow or a week from now it still has to be done and the same amount of gas will ultimately still be used, if not less, because people know that there is a shortage so they should tend to not have as heavy of a foot.

To add perspective to the current situation we have to take into consideration all of the data points we can or at least more than just listing to someone say that the gas shortage is all being created by ‘panic buying’ which seems truly absurd. After all, we know that a number of refineries are still down after being badly ravaged by winds and floodwaters brought in by Hurricane Harvey. In fact, PetroTex President and CEO Harvey Steinhagen III told the press that the massive flooding from southeast Texas all of the way down the gulf coast has crippled numerous refineries which are also currently experiencing “intermittent electrical utility problems.” In other words, these refineries are either not yet producing product at all or are producing limited product altogether.

[…] fill up anything you have, including any containers you have at this point, esspecially if you are running generators because fuel supply is short,” the CEO said.

So there you have it, the actual CEO of PetroTex is telling people that “supply is short.” How much more affirmation does one need?

To boot, there are also 25 oil tankers in the gulf that can not offload their shipments of crude to the refineries, complicating matters.

ZeroHedge reports: “According to ship-tracking data compiled by Bloomberg, coupled with MarineTraffic real-time tracking, at least 25 tankers carrying almost 17 million barrels of imported crude oil are drifting near Texas and Louisiana ports, unable to offload because of closures from Tropical Storm Harvey.”

Furthermore, commercial tanker trucks are not making many fuel shipments right now and are reportedly having trouble making it to scheduled destinations.

Other reports say that as many as 72% of the gas stations in San Antonio have also run dry with much of the same in Austin, Dallas, Tyler, and of course Houston as some fear the economy may collapse.

Adding to the concern is the fact that grocery store shelves in San Antonio are reportedly half-empty. It has been rumored that the food is being shipped to Houston. Now people are starting to think about how they are going to eat, make money, get to work and how their children are going to get to school in the coming days. Not to mention that empty grocery stores may soon become a reality.

To make matters worse, the gas shortage has now reached its way to Chatanooga, Tennessee which backs up the fact that the crisis is real. What other states will the crisis affect?

And if that is not bad enough, Leak Project’s Rex Bear reported that the military is now “hoarding” gas from local stations in San Antonio which have not yet run out and that “FEMA has taken over the gas stations” at local military installations.

Do you still think panicking people are causing the shortage?

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