Texas hillbilly named “Bugs” claims he and two friends shot two ‘Bigfoot’ on unforgettable hunting trip “that day”


Witness: Two Bigfoot humanoids killed and buried, map to burial location leaked

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By Lexi Morgan

TEXAS (INTELLIHUB) — Famous late-night radio broadcaster Art Bell interviewed a former Vietnam Vet turned “bobcat hunter” who claims he and a few of his friends encountered and killed two humanoid creatures during a hunting trip one night which may have been Bigfoot. But before you laugh and say “Art Bell” or “Bigfoot” you really should take a look at this particular case which may, in fact, be authentic.

The man, known only as “Bugs”, gave Bell a hand-drawn map that allegedly reveals the location where the hunters buried the two creatures that they shot and killed by mistake decades ago. Bugs instructed Bell to later “reveal” the map to the “world”.

Robert Morgan, a ‘Bigfoot expert’, joined on the broadcast as well, adding credibility to Bugs’ account. Throughout the broadcast Morgan asked Bugs many questions that ultimately revealed Bugs’ firsthand account to be factual.

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“Me and two of my friends, which I will refer to as Bird Dog and Jim, were coyote, bobcat, hunters. Back in the middle 70’s those varmint were worth a lot of money,” Bugs explained to Bell. Bugs carried on to tell Bell how they used to hunt at night with lights because they had nothing better to do at that time of the year.


So needless to say, one night, while driving slowly down a country road on a hunt, the men saw something more than they bargained for.

“we were going to cross this creek […], “Elm Creek”, when we came across a “valley”, Bugs said. Just about then the men then decided to drop down into the valley with their spotlights on to look for varmint when the saw a set of “red eyes”.

“They were the reddest eyes I had ever seen in my life. […] I could see whatever it was crouching.”

It was something the men had “never seen before,” Bugs told Bell. And that’s when the men “opened fire on it.”

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“All of a sudden this thing got up and it must have been a good 7 to 8 feet tall at least. It scared the heck out of us. It took off running.”

The men reloaded and “hit it again.”

“We knocked it down again.”

“We had done shot and we didn’t know what it was.”

“We all fired three times,” said the vet who has nighttime combat experience.

“I guess we just got a little bit Gung ho and started shooting.”

About that time the men got a little worried and thought they may have shot a human. Due to their curiosity the men investigated further, following the blood trail into a “plum thicket” where they had an encounter with what Bugs described as a Sasquatch. Bug heard “growling” and one loud “shrill” before he starting shooting.

The creature was “in a hunched squat type position […] It had brownish-red hair. It had hair on the face. Its whole body was covered with hair. […] I hit it three times with a 240 grain hollow-point.” It was a “female”, Bugs said. She was dead. There was also a dead male.

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“I can’t say that they were an ape; I can’t say that they were human.”

Soon after fear set heavily into the minds of the men. Not because of what just happened, though the encounter was traumatizing, but because they were worried that they may have mistakenly shot a “human” or a “humanoid” of some type–which, if true, may lead to jail-time as “humanoids” are legally protected under the U.S. Constitution, according to Robert Morgan who was on the other line with Bell and Bugs during the broadcast.

Not sure what to do, acting out of haste, the men decided to bury the creatures. “Four to five feet deep,” Bugs said, who’s kept it a secret for many years.

We all three “swore each other to secrecy.”

Bugs then explained to Bell why he came forth.

It’s the “guilt,” Bugs said who’s also getting up there in age.

“I knew I was in danger and I knew it was fixin’ to come after me.”

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“They were both extremely muscular.”

Bugs said that he feels as if they [the creatures] were human and shows a tone of remorse for what he did.

They had six toes,” Bugs to Bell.

You can listen to the full broadcast from 2001 here:

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