Texas: Medical martial law and forceful detention to begin with second ‘suspected’ patient

Quarantines and detention camps to become a norm in America

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons
By Shepard Ambellas | Intellihub.com

DALLAS — A second patient suspected of being infected with the deadly Ebola virus may be forced into protective custody, reports say, as the first phase of medical martial law will soon begin.

According to a recent report, Dr. David L. Lakey, Texas Department of State Health Services Director, filed an order in a Dallas court Monday to admit the patient suspected of being infected into protective custody.

An excerpt out of a bombshell report written by David Lee of Courthouse News Service reads:

 The unidentified patient, sued as “M.W.L.,” is “reasonably suspected of being infected with a communicable disease (Ebola) that presents an immediate threat to public health,” the 4-page motion states.

“Further, movant has determined that proposed patient is a threat to himself or others if not immediately restrained. Further, sources charged with monitoring the proposed patient M.W.L. have observed the proposed patient failing or refusing to follow the written order of the Texas Department of State Health Services by leaving the premises of a medical facility contrary to medical directives, without permission and surreptitiously.”


“The sworn representations of the applicant, who is a credible person, state that the proposed patient is reasonably suspected of being infected with the communicable disease, Ebola, that presents a threat to public health; has failed or refused to follow the written or verbal orders of the Commissioner; and presents a substantial risk of harm to himself or others if not immediately restrained,” according to the motion, filed Monday at 2 p.m.

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