*VIDEO* Texas Sheriff’s deputies assassinate man with hands above head

Bexar County Sheriff’s Office/YouTube

Warning: Graphic content — See Texas Sheriff’s deputies assassinate man

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BEXAR COUNTY, Tex. (INTELLIHUB) — Newly released video footage shows two Bexar County Sheriff’s Office deputies outright assassinating Gilbert Flores, 41, while he was wearing no shirt and had his empty hands in the air, above his head, in compliance on Aug. 28.

The footage was filmed by Flores’ neighbor who had a camera ready at the time law enforcement arrived. However the Sheriff’s deputies didn’t bank on someone recording the incident. However, shockingly, despite what the video shows the department denies its officers used “excessive force.”

A Texas grand jury has decided not to charge the officers with the killing.



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Featured image main page via: Bexar County Sheriff’s Office/YouTube
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