Thanksgiving is Not What You Think — Lies Your Teacher Told You

Staff Writer

Still to this day, our history books are nothing more than fabricated propaganda

(INTELLIHUB) — Recently Daniel Bushell reporting for RT, did an amazing piece entitled White Minority of America, giving more insight to the general public of what really took place during the colonization process of America.

The report is based on a book, Lies My Teacher Told Me.

When I saw the piece I was amazed, it concluded everything I suspected to be a reality for years now. We have been lied to in school all along, as our history books truly are just a package of lies.

After watching it I felt truly disgusted that schools to this day continue to uphold the lie.

The book points out how at a great feast, much like Thanksgiving, the natives were poisoned by the colonists, in a “toast to eternal friendship”.

Some consider the American holocaust the worst case of genocide in American history. Over 100 million natives were reported to have been exterminated including men women and children. Some as young as 3-years old were spared as slaves.

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)