The CIA is going after the most important man in the Trump Administration

Central Intelligence Agency STILL targeting key Trump allies

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(INTELLIHUB) — In the months after the stunning election of Donald Trump, the CIA, with help from other intelligence services, waged a public battle against the president-elect through the anonymous release of disinformation to the establishment backed mainstream media.

Now, almost a month into the Trump presidency, these attacks are apparently continuing with the target being one of the most important people in the entire Trump Administration.

In yet another Friday night surprise, Politico reported that the Central Intelligence Agency had denied a security clearance for a top deputy of new national security adviser Michael Flynn due to his outspoken criticism of the secretive intelligence agency.

“A top deputy to national security adviser Michael Flynn was rejected for a critical security clearance, effectively ending his tenure on the National Security Council and escalating tensions between Flynn and the intelligence community,” read the Politico report.


“The move came as Flynn’s already tense relationships with others in the Trump administration and the intelligence community were growing more fraught after reports that Flynn had breached diplomatic protocols in his conversations with the Russian ambassador to the United States.”

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The deputy, senior director for Africa Robin Townley, was informed by the CIA that they had rejected his request for the elite security clearance needed to work on the National Security Council despite the fact that Townley is a former Marine intelligence officer who has long maintained a top secret-level clearance.

According to the Politico report, new CIA director Mike Pompeo approved the rejection which was most likely in retaliation for Townley’s skepticism of the intelligence community as a whole.

“Both sources said the CIA did not offer much explanation for why Townley’s request for so-called “Sensitive Compartmented Information” clearance was rejected. But the sources said that Flynn and his allies believe it was motivated by Townley’s skepticism of the intelligence community’s techniques — sentiments shared by Flynn,” the Politico report continued.

That’s right, the CIA is now directly attacking the very ability for Michael Flynn to do his job as the national security adviser, all because of his outspoken criticism of intelligence agency tactics and disinformation pushed for the benefit of the establishment.

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While CIA attacks on Trump as a whole are obviously important, this shocking new information is possibly the worst yet, especially when you consider who Flynn is and what he stands for within the Trump administration.

Flynn has a long history of directly targeting the so-called “new world order” and is now seeing the repercussions for his work attacking the globalist elite. Even more important, Flynn has shown a key willingness to listen to alternative media voices instead of simply pushing the establishment narrative on each and every issue.

Consider this. Michael Flynn’s son has even tried to expose PizzaGate and remains in contact with certain people in the alternative media which is something the CIA is obviously aware of.

Make no mistake, there is a war going on within the government over the direction of this country and President Trump seems to be surrounded by enemies on every side. Now, those working against the country itself are targeting one of the most important men next to the new president.

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