By Avalon (INTELLIHUB) — Nearly two and one half years ago, Peter Dale Scott warned of the possibility of a False Flag Attack in the United States, to be blamed on Iran. Even then, he mentioned a Nuclear Attack was likely. A recent speach by Professor Michel Chossudovsky of the Center for Research on Globalization speaks about the 911 Connection, which I believe MUST be maintained in order to continue the Current & Future Military Activities is linked.

Without the Cornerstone of The 911 Event, and the manufactured Agents Of Terror i.e. al-CIAda, the entire Construction Collapses. This is what Michel Chossudovsky is referring to. As for what’s next on the NWO Globalists’ Agenda, plans have probably been perfected by now, reference NLE10 and Iran Strike Targeting – some five to ten years plus in development.

What appears vital to any accurate forecasting is to predict and/or know the ULTIMATE GOAL in any given scenario. Take for instance the recent Oil Rig Explosion. What would be the Ultimate Goal in this situation; Restrict Off-Shore Drilling & Exploration – Militarize the US Coast by declaring Terrorist Activities, etc..

Any analysis of Real Time/Real World Events that have some Ultimate Goal must be similar in nature to any physical construction, in that the Foundation supports the walls, the walls support the ceiling, and the ceiling and framing support the roof. These pieces need to be assembled in a specific order in time and space; the previous events support the next event. Call it – A Dynamic Structural Timeline, where one event or a series of events MUST occur in sequence to support or justify the next event.

Our compass should be a combination of perceiving the Ultimate Goal as best as we can, and to always bear in mind The Dynamic Timeline Principle and that ultimately, any structure follows this principle. To put another way, but in a negative or opposite form, to demolish a 110 story building as precisely as possible, one needs to time the explosive events in a near perfect sequence, so that the desired effect is achieved. Likewise, to travel from A to B, one has to go through the connecting distance between the two.

The Dynamic Timeline Principle as I have termed it, is mentioned in the Project Camelot’s Series The Anglo-Saxon Mission by Bill Ryan.  To get a handle on these world changing events, one has to ‘see the connections as they present themselves’. Clearly, there are connections in all three of these videos. In conclusion, to quote a well know Physicist:

We are to admit no more causes of natural things than such as are both true and sufficient to explain their appearances. Therefore, to the same natural effects we must, so far as possible, assign the same causes.

Sir Isaac Newton


[1] The Anglo-Saxon Mission – Bill Ryan