The Corrosion of Conformity


Rat Race


By Shepard Ambellas

The elites at the helm of humanity, who proclaim to rule the planet, are hell bent on power to the point of no return. These powerful banksters feverishly pound their agenda into the minds of the population and unfortunately, most people except it with glee. With 22% of the population closely following American Idol, the elite press forward with their agenda ever so patently, incrementally decimating the morals/values of this once great nation, as well as viciously squeezing every last drop of energy out of you, your family, and the planet.

They coordinate to keep you locked down, herding the population into massive concrete prisons of pollution and crime. They feed you poison, taint your water with rat poison, and control just about every aspect of your life. They are the New World Order, the Bilderbergs, the Rockefeller’s and the Rothschilds. To them you are mear goyum, a simple useless feeder.

These people are a different breed of man, one that has no moral values, no feelings and no mercy. This mind set is more of a legacy, one that goes back thousands of years. It was carved into stone and meticulously carried out from generation to generation.

” We are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy……. It is a system which has conscripted vast human resources, into a tightly knit highly efficient machine.” John F. Kennedy

Numerous prominent people, such as JFK, have been murdered for standing up and exposing the powers that be. However, these powers have one startling weakness; Numbers. They have failed to realize that the once sleeping masses have emerged to the forefront of the infobattle, and everyday, more and more people awaken to their dastardly deeds. If we want to redeem our planet from the power brokers, we must all work together to inform our fellow man of these Illuminati type, self proclaimed gods.

At this point, the main obstacle in stopping this New World Order is ourselves. Due to the use of CointelPro, infighting continues on a daily basis. This cannot continue. If, we the people, cannot stop this obnoxious infighting, we have absolutely no chance as a human race. The Intellihub has supported most alternative news sites and will never fall into the trap of worrying about who is on on what network or whose site is getting the most hits.

We must move forward with the steam of a locomotives. There are already noticeable signs of victory, but as they have a legacy;  so should we.

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