(INTELLIHUB) — In “The Death of Privacy in America — Part 1” I noted that the NSA has raked up all of the communications, of all Americans and those of eighty percent of the rest of the world’s population for at least a decade and a half.

In the second segment of Death of Privacy in America I am going to briefly address the FBI’s current stand-off with Apple.

As most people are aware, the FBI has aggressively begun to attempt to leverage Apple into developing a specialized iOS which can be super-imposed over the conventional, factory-installed, iOS. The specialized and as of yet undeveloped iOS will allegedly allow for the access of the encrypted information from one of the San Bernardino shooting suspect’s iPhones.

But as I mentioned in Part 1, since the NSA has been involved in nearly global “Full Take” operations since the deployment of Echelon, it is quite probable that the agency has all of the communications of the two individuals accused of perpetrating the San Bernardino attacks.

The FBI knows this. But remember, they are shouting “encryption” like Snowden was harping about metadata. So what does this mean for the “Boys crying ‘encryption’ instead of wolf,” if one cares to connect the dots based on pre-established operational patterns and leaked or published information?

Another question which people should be asking is why would tech-savvy IT people and hackers working for the FBI (and they have some of the best) request that San Bernardino County authorities change the iPhone’s cloud password when they knew that it would automatically prevent access to the communications?

Could that have been a calculated move in order to give them a reason to demand that Apple create a specialized iOS?

While the FBI is plugging the “one-time request” story, what they are failing to mention is that the specialized iOS, if developed, could be replicated and subsequently utilized on millions of encrypted iPhones — potentially depriving users of any privacy whatsoever.

Is it also possible that the FBI’s demand for a tweaked iOS is a carefully calculated disinformation ploy designed to lead us to believe that neither they nor their counterparts such as the NSA, do not have decryption capacity?

I am of the impression that the NSA has had quantum computing capacity for at least a decade, rendering today’s encryption vulnerable to their super-computers which can run millions of multi-vectored, versus linear-sequential calculations simultaneously.

But there is even more. As far as the FBI’s claims that “encryption is hampering their investigation,” the group which would be in possession of those quantum computers with pressurized Kelvin-frigid cooling units is the NSA — not the FBI.

If the people in San Bernardino did perpetrate that heinous act and also communicated with other individuals who pose a threat to this country, then the NSA had better hand over the decrypted communications to the FBI. After all, the NSA has been doing a Full Take since the 1990’s.

So in actuality, the FBI’s posturing could lead us to several conclusions which are not mutually exclusive.

The FBI’s cries of “Encryption” set the stage for a Patriot Act style legislation which will deprive Americans of more of their constitutional rights, under the guise of national security.

Additionally, this deception misleads the American public into believing that encrypted data cannot be decrypted while serving to take attention away from the real decryption masters — the NSA, which most likely has the quantum computing technology and hardware necessary to slice though today’s encryption like a hot knife through butter.

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The author of this article, who prefers to use the nom de plume “XKeyscore” in order to maintain his anonymity, is a Doctoral Candidate and multiglot with two Master’s Degrees and a Baccalaureate specializing in Middle Eastern Studies. He holds one Master’s Degree specializing in Intelligence and Counter-intelligence operations, and a second Master’s Degree in Security Studies. XKeyscore has studied under a United States intelligence agency analyst and now-retired, high ranking, American military officers. XKeyscore writes exclusively for Intellihub News & Politics. Read more articles by this author here.

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