The Debasing of Our Currency is Relentless – It’s a Giant Con Game

Currency (US)
February 27 2013

Investment analyst Jay Taylor joins the Sound Money Campaign to discuss the US dollar and ways to preserve wealth as the Federal Reserve relentlessly debases our nation’s currency.

…the debasing of currency is relentless.

The Federal Reserve is expanding its balance sheets, it’s creating money out of nothing, it’s devaluing the savings of individuals through the debasement of the currency and through zero interest policies.

They’re just trying to keep people off balance so they don’t bet in one direction in favor of inflation hedges.

They want to keep people believing [inflation] is not going to be a problem.

They need to do that in order to keep people believing in the dollar, which they create out of nothing.

So, it’s a giant con game.

In the end, Pinocchio’s nose will be exposed and [free] markets win out.

Watch as Mr. Taylor explains his thoughts on markets going forward, why it’s important to hold gold and silver as a backstop for out of control inflation, the differences between gold and silver, and several ways of investing to help you stay out of the jurisdiction of the US government:

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