The FBI has been involved in just about every terror plot since 9/11

FBI Wiki Commons
BY Joshua Krause | The Daily Sheeple

Last Thursday the FBI arrested Joshua Ryne Goldberg for conspiring to bomb a 9/11 memorial service in Kansas City. Goldberg however, appears to have been a complete idiot and an internet troll, and probably wouldn’t be able to pull off any act of terror without the support of an FBI informant.

Unfortunately, this sort of thing has been going on for years, and truth be told, the vast majority of the terror plots that have been foiled by our government since 9/11 are complete shams.

Trevor Aaronson, a journalist who has been investigating these cases, mentioned in a TED talk earlier this year that The FBI is responsible for more terrorism plots in the United States than any other organization. More than al-Qaida, more than al-Shabaab, more than the Islamic State.” According to Aaronson, there have only been 6 genuine domestic terror plots in the US since 9/11.

Human Rights Watch has backed up these claims by documenting 27 cases where the FBI, with the help of paid informants, fostered the terrorists they would later prosecute.

The FBI frequently finds people who are either deranged, financially destitute, or suffering from low IQ’s, and then convinces them to carry out these plots by doing everything short of lighting the fuse themselves.

According to Andrea Prasow, a deputy director with Human Rights Watch “Many of these people would never have committed a crime if not for law enforcement encouraging, pressuring, and sometimes paying them to commit terrorist acts.” The typical terror plot you hear about on the news reads more like a tragic case of entrapment than a threat to our way of life.

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