The Final Meter Measures .999

The Intellihub
Richard Sauder
June 18, 2011

Last night I had a clear dream in which two different people, first a man and then a woman, both impressed upon me that when measuring a very long distance, the final meter is always one millimeter less than all of the preceding meters.

I asked them why this should be so, and they both adamantly replied that that is “just the way it is.” They each showed me the final meter, and indeed, the final meter is precisely .999 meters long. It actually is one millimeter shorter than a standard meter rule.

I was shown this in the context of a long dream, a significant part of which entailed a major tree thinning operation to make the dream-scape more pleasant.

The Woman-in-Charge of this ecological remediation project showed me that the trees had grown much too thick, way too close together and so the decision had been made to thin them out, to cut most of them down and remove them from the forest, in order to promote the well-being of the trees and wildlife that she selected to remain.

She told me that she was thinning the trees to make the area more “park-like,” that was her precise language.

She was very matter of fact about everything, both that the final meter is always precisely .999 meters, and that that is “just the way it is,” and also that so many of the trees had to be cut down, to make the forest more park-like and a better environment for the trees that remained.

It was all just the way it is and has to be. She was like an ecological manager. She is in charge of the forest, she is the warden, the steward, she takes care of the land and looks out for its well-being. She has great authority, but does not flaunt it. She was very calm, self-assured and comfortable in her own skin. She is not at all a “Powers That Be” or “Powers That Be Minion” sort of personality.

On the contrary, it strikes me that those types are very likely just the sort of timber that she has in mind to thin out and “harvest” to provide a better growth environment for the remaining trees.

Given the context of the research and writing that occupies a lot of my life, the import of the dream for me is that however much time you thought you had before the really sloppy stuff starts to hit the cosmic fan, think again. The time grows short. The “final meter” is in sight, and there will be a major “tree thinning” operation as the “final meter” is measured out.

I saw it clearly and it is definitely, precisely, .999 of a meter. I suppose this could also be a reference to a final refining process that results in a final value of .999 for whatever is being “metered,” i.e, measured, as for instance the purity of souls at the end of this karmic cycle, analogous to the purity of coins or bars of refined precious metals, such as silver, platinum and gold, that are stamped with a grade of .999 if they are considered pure, or as close to pure as the final refining process can feasibly smelt them.

Oh, there may well be scoffers and naysayers, even alphabet soup operatives for the CIA, Mossad, NSA, NASA, BBC, MSNBC & The Machine who will try to hold sway for a little while yet. Some few of these individuals may even troll down to the comments section of this blog post and scrawl negative comments or ad hominem criticisms. They are what they are, and what they do is just the way it is.

But time does grow short, especially for them, and they sense it. Notwithstanding, the “final meter” is invariable. It also is what it is. And that is just the way things are.

In the coming months and next few years, everything you can imagine is possible, and probably most of it will occur: volcanic eruptions on a large scale, monster earthquakes, tsunamis, major dam collapses, catastrophic flooding, category 5 hurricanes, huge tornadoes, huge fires, deadly drought, runaway global economic collapse, bio-warfare, more “accidental” industrial, planetary “kill shots” (think BP in GoM, GE at Fukushima, etc.), attempts to spark world war (think USA/Zionist attack against Iran) or outright world war, extreme solar flares, global food crisis, ecological collapse, failure of major governments,  ongoing radioactive poisoning problem from Fukushima which will *not* go away, etc.

Afterward, as the catastrophic period into which we have now entered fades away, a new society with a different vision of life and a radically new way of being human on this planet will emerge. And that will be a most happy time, a refreshing period in which to live and thrive, in ways that the present system actively endeavors to physically annihilate and spiritually quash.

But before that Golden Day Dawns, it sure does look like we will first go through just a little bit of hell.

The karmic debt of so many individuals now incarnate on this planet is so heavy and so fiendishly dark, that it is hard to see how it could be otherwise. By all indications, we have already entered the beginning phases of what we will slog through for the next few years.

For better or for worse, what happens in the USA at the present time has an inordinate affect on the rest of the planet, because of the global projection of that country’s cultural, military, political and economic influence.

What happens in the USA therefore has a huge follow on, or ripple effect on the world. So as the USA empire crumbles, as the chaos that is sweeping the planet also engulfs the USA, it will have an even more pronounced influence on planetary affairs – for a historically short period – than similar events in other countries. But then, after the USA system fails across the board, the USA system will become subordinate, instead of dominant, and cease to have the outsized, global role that it does now.

In the interim, please consider the following events now underway in the USA that are part of a series of repeated body blows that will decisively bring to a close the dark, American-dominated chapter in human history:

The Missouri River in the western USA is currently experiencing historic high levels of water that are poised to go much higher still, as a much greater than normal snow cover in the Montana mountains melts and rushes downstream.

This poses a problem, because there are six, large, earthen, flood control dams and reservoirs the length of the Missouri River that are at full capacity now, with unknown vertical feet of floodwaters still to come. If these aging, earthen dams are overtopped the real potential for one or more dam failures exists, with a consequent surge of high water that would gush rapidly downstream, flooding farmland, washing out bridges, pipelines and railroad tracks, overwhelming levees, and flooding towns and cities on the way.

This short video explains the problem.

Missouri River – Flood of Biblical Proportions 6/11/11

The Fort Peck Dam in eastern Montana is arguably the weakest link in the Missouri River flood control system. As it happens, it has a prior history of collapse. When it was being constructed in 1938, it failed catastrophically. A large section of it gave way and eight men were killed, of whom six remain buried in the dam.

Aerial View of Fort Peck Dam After 1938 Construction Collapse

Were there to be another slide today, the whole dam would undoubtedly give way, considering that the reservoir is currently full to capacity and very near to overflowing. That would send a wall of water cascading downstream that would pose problems for nuclear power plants in Nebraska that sit immediately on the bank of the river.

The Fort Calhoun nuclear power plant near Omaha, Nebraska is already surrounded by rising floodwater, with an unknown numbers of feet rise in the river’s level still to come. The situation is precarious. The potential for a situation similar to what is occurring at Fukushima, Japan is very real.

There is another nuclear power plant along the Missouri River in Nebraska, near Brownville. The Cooper nuclear power plant is also subject to being inundated by the flooding Missouri, and in fact, in 1993 the operator did have to shut it down when upstream levees failed, and it was threatened by floodwater from the Missouri. Please see:

Nebraska Nuclear Power Plants: Missouri River Flood Conditions

Fort Calhoun nuclear power plant near Omaha, Nebraska

Midwest Floods: Both Nebraska Nuke Stations Threatened

Even more troubling is the fire that occurred at the Fort Calhoun plant’s spent fuel cooling pool two weeks ago, resulting in temporary loss of power to the cooling pumps. Were the spent fuel cooling pond to heat up, the water that cools the spent nuclear fuel rods would boil off and the rods would catch fire, spreading poisonous radionuclides far and wide.

Electrical Fire Knocks Out Spent Fuel Cooling at Nebraska Nuclear Plant

In recent days a “no fly” zone has been put in place over the plant, raising even more questions as to the status of the facility.

No Fly Zone Over Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant Due to “Hazards”

Let me say that I have a very bad feeling about the Fort Calhoun and Cooper nuclear power plants along the flooding, Missouri River, and leave it at that. I have an even worse feeling about the USA, so much worse that I have left the country and have no intention to return. Indeed, in view of oncoming, karmic attractions, in the not too distant future there might not even be a country called the USA to which to return.

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