The Intellihub Official Website Coming Soon!

    The Intellihub is working hard to set up our new website that all of our operations will be based at. Once the site is fully operational sometime in May, 2010 we will be offering a variety of jam packed breaking news information, media, services, promotional products and eventually an online store. There will be a forum for the members to interact as well as a live chat 24/7, along with a detailed filing system of all intel that flows through the Intellihub for you to access.
    There will be a LIVE streaming radio show three hours a day, including multiple hosts and show formats on the Intellihub network. We will also be doing some form of daily video broadcast as well as uploading recorded segments of the shows to Youtube. The Intellihub is also working hard on setting up a film and editing crew for feature length documentaries to be released in the later part 2010; as well as establishing permanent investigative reporters as well blog writers for the team.
    We are now accepting donations to help fund our operations. Please feel free to use the donate feature here on our blog site, all donations are greatly appreciated.
    Thank you for all of the support you as the listeners have offered. This has been a wonderful experience for me as well. – NotForSale2NWO