The Intellihub: The Truth is in Your Hands

The Intellihub
Shepard Ambellas
January 5, 2012

As we the truth seekers (free humanity) settle into the new year, we must not get to comfortable as our fearless leaders in Washington are ramping up the propaganda,  raising the level of the game as we twist into the November elections.

Hillary Clinton said it best, by open admission;

 “We are in an information war, and we are losing”.

However, Hillary’s statement (most likely a Psy-Op) does not mean we can slack on our end, the stakes are now higher than ever as the very fabric of our freedoms as individuals are being eroded away.

The future (if we let the globalists win) will be grim for most.

Years of tyrannical domination by ominous diabolic oligarchs has led us here (to this point), now we must make a push and prevail, as the powers that shouldn’t be are faltering.

Now it is time for us as individuals that stand for freedom, humanity, and what is right, turn the page and once again hit the once massive corporate controlled (obsolete) media with the smack down they deserve for lying to the masses’ all these years.

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“The Truth is in Your Hands”