The New York Times is now lobbying FOR the Muslim Brotherhood


Establishment’s favorite paper goes to bat for Muslim Brotherhood

(INTELLIHUB) — The establishment paper that has spent months attacking the very idea of America first is now actively lobbying and promoting the Muslim Brotherhood after President Trump indicated he may designate the group as a terrorist organization.

In a bizarre piece by the Times editorial board, the paper attacks the President for considering a terror designation that the likes of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and UAE have already done.

The newspaper claims that designating the Brotherhood as terrorists, “would be seen by many Muslims as another attempt to vilify adherents of Islam,” before pushing yet more disinformation in claiming that Trump and his advisers are promoting an “exaggerated” vision of America under attack.

Such an order, now under consideration, would be seen by many Muslims as another attempt to vilify adherents of Islam. It appears to be part of a mission by the president and his closest advisers to heighten fears by promoting a dangerously exaggerated vision of an America under siege by what they call radical Islam.

The struggle against extremism is complex, and solutions must be tailored both to the facts and to an understanding of the likely consequences. Since 1997, the secretary of state has had the power to designate groups as foreign terrorist organizations, thus subjecting them, as well as people and businesses who deal with them, to sanctions, like freezing their assets. President Barack Obama resisted adding the Brotherhood to that list.

There are good reasons that the Brotherhood, with millions of members, doesn’t merit the terrorist designation. Rather than a single organization, it is a collection of groups and movements that can vary widely from country to country. While the Brotherhood calls for a society governed by Islamic law, it renounced violence decades ago, has supported elections and has become a political and social organization. Its branches often have tenuous connections to the original movement founded in Egypt in 1928.

So a newspaper that broadly attacks all Trump supporters as the “alt-right” and possible racists wants Americans to treat the Sharia promoting Muslim Brotherhood with nuance? This is yet another clear example of the American corporate media openly promoting the agenda of non-Americans over actual citizens.

The Times also seemingly purposefully ignores the documented goals of the Muslim Brotherhood in their transparent lobbying for the group. The fact of the matter is, the Brotherhood openly seeks to establish a worldwide Islamic caliphate that would be based on Sharia Law. Period, end of the story, that is their STATED goal.

As Breitbart’s Aaron Klein noted, “While many Brotherhood wings reject the use of violence as a strategic tactic, preferring instead a sophisticated gradualist strategy to achieve their aims, the Brotherhood has spawned terrorist organizations – most notably Hamas – that adhere to its philosophy of a world order based on Islam. The Brotherhood was also a central player in the so-called Arab Spring, revolutions punctuated by violence across the Arab world.”

Klein also destroyed the disinformation being pushed by the Times about the Muslim Brotherhood being a “political organization” that democratically represents millions of Muslims throughout the world.

“Addressing the Brotherhood’s support for the electoral process and purportedly becoming a political organization, an extensive report on the Brotherhood by the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center at Israel’s Center for Special Studies explained the group’s use of some tools of democracy to advance the aim of achieving a world ruled by Sharia law, which is by definition anti-democratic,” Klein continued.

To recap, the New York Times editorial board is now openly lobbying the United States government to keep the Muslim Brotherhood from being designated a terrorist organization while at the same time spending most of each day attacking all things Trump and any indication that America is being put first.

Is the countries paper of record actually now Pro-Muslim Brotherhood and Anti-America first?

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