The PSY-OP Behind the TSA Pat-Downs

TSA Pat-Down

The Intellihub
By Shepard Ambellas

The dollar is weakening, gold is rising and the push for you to accept the body scanners is on. Broken down by all of the engineered gloom throughout society, Americans might be mentally forced to accept the naked porno body scanners that the Department of Homeland Security wants implemented at every major airport in the world.

The real psychological operation behind the establishments corporate controlled media propaganda is to continually push how awful the TSA pat-downs are (They have been made that way) in order to get the general public to accept the cancerous body scanners.

Will the sleeping masses (general public) react to these invasive body scanners, drawing their line in the sand?

Unfortunately, the modern American is on a very tight time schedule which poses a major problem when it comes to taking extra time at the airport. The fact of the matter is that most Americans will gladly line up and walk through the body scanners like cattle in a slaughter house. In fact, some travelers say that only one in 300 or more opt out of the naked scan.

From the threat of terror (staged or real), new boogiemen, and tanking economies, the men behind the curtain are pushing worldwide tension to a new level.

Will people realize the PSY-OP behind the TSA pat-downs, or will they gladly accept the body scanners in the name of their protection? Please share your thoughts below: