They are coming for you: Michael Moore calls ALL Trump supporters racist, compares them to rapists

Moore attacks over 50 million Americans

(INTELLIHUB) — Leftist filmmaker and hardcore anti-Trump zealot Michael Moore is once again attacking tens of millions of Americans, this time in an unhinged rant on CNN where he literally compared Trump supporters to rapists before declaring them all to be racists.

Moore first took aim at President Trump himself, calling him “absolutely a racist” before going into a rant that compares the over 50 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump to actual rapists.

“If you hold down the woman while the rapist is raping her, and you didn’t rape her, are you a rapist?” Moore told the admittedly anti-Trump Don Lemon.

“Let’s cut the BS and start speaking honestly.” he continued.

Moore then moved on to a type of psychological warfare on the American people, attempting to pressure them into turning their backs on Trump for fear of being mislabeled a racist.

“He’s absolutely a racist,” Moore said. “If you still support the racist, you are the racist.”

“That has to end. I’m not sorry, I’m not letting anybody off the hook here.”

Moore has a long history of attacking the tens of millions of Americans that he disagrees with and has essentially gone off the deep end since the election of Donald Trump.

From organizing protests against the president, to launching websites to take him down, Moore is working in lockstep with the mainstream media fueled, deep state war on all things Trump and is apparently now willing to attack half of America in the process.

Featured Image: Kai Schreiber/Flickr