This key mineral naturally protects against heavy metal toxicity

By Barbara Minton | Natural Society

Do you enjoy eating fish, but worry about the mercury? Several research studies are showing that most seafood is high in selenium, and selenium purifies the body of mercury. This suggests that ocean fish can be eaten with confidence.

Research published this month from the University of Hawaii Medical School went to the core of this issue by analyzing selenium and mercury levels in the placentas of a cohort of women in relation to their seafood intake during pregnancy.

Researchers found that when taken as a group, those who consumed no fish exhibited the lowest mercury levels. But there were many women who either had higher mercury with no fish consumption or lower mercury with high fish consumption. This led them to conclude that no correlation between eating fish and higher mercury levels could be drawn.

A study published earlier this year also investigated the mercury-selenium connection in Zebra Fish. Adult fish were exposed to mercury with and without selenium. Lower levels of mercury were found in the fish fed mercury and selenium compared to those fed only mercury. In addition, the elimination of mercury from muscle was significantly greater in the fish fed the diet containing selenium. Researchers concluded that dietary selenium reduces the accumulation and enhances the elimination of mercury.

Even though mercury is frequently found in highly desirable large species of fish, the more important factor to think about is the relative amount of selenium the fish contains. Types of fish and other seafood having a high selenium to mercury ratio can remove the threat of mercury toxicity.

Selenium is an essential trace mineral, required in the body in only minuscule amounts. It is a known cancer fighter through its ability to boost immunity and promote detoxification of not only mercury but other heavy metals as well.

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