This week’s Operation Gotham Shield exercise in NYC explained

Will Operation Gotham Shield go live?

(INTELLIHUB) — In his latest video, Youtuber DAHBOO7 breaks down Operation Gotham Shield, a nuclear/EMP readiness exercise set to take place Apr. 24 – 26 in and around New York City and Jersey City.

“It is a big operation that is involving the simulation of a detonated nuclear device,” DAHBOO7 said. “It’s going down in the New Jersey area […] fanning over into Manhatten.”

“They are doing it near the end of the Lincoln Tunnel,” the Youtuber said.

Four simulated nuclear devices will exist in the exercise, “two of which will be rendered safe […] one [wil be] a successful 10 kiloton detonation in the NYC-New Jersey area along with a smaller detonation along the U.S.-Canadian border,” he said.

DAHBOO7 fears that the drill has the potential to “go live” to become the “next false flag.”

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