Three-dimensional computer analysis of 9/11 video footage yields astonishing results

The object that hit the North Tower "was masquerading as a passenger plane," researcher claims

(INTELLIHUB) — A three-dimensional computer model mimicking the alleged plane strike to the World Trade Center’s North Tower on Sept. 11, 2001, concludes, at the least, that something very suspicious is going on. In fact, the findings paint a clear picture of just how deep the now fully-discredited mainstream media’s lies and deceptions actually go and it may shock you.

For the analysis, researcher Richard D. Hall assembled a 3D computer model of the airspace near the WTC North Tower as it existed on Sept. 11, 2001, when attackers allegedly flew a Boeing 767 into the tower’s north face.

53 video clips in total were assembled by Hall for a 1-minute presentation to determine if the footage shown on the news that day matched up with the “official flight path” based on actual radar data taken from a radar impact speed study of the event.

“The model was constructed perfectly to scale [and] I also included a large aerial photograph of the land ensuring that the image was resized such that the scale on the ground was identical to the vertical scale of the buildings,” Hall explained. “I added a few more land marks, the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building.”

Through his research, Hall found that in all 53 images, “the alleged plane” does, in fact, follow the “official radar path” provided in the radar impact speed study. However, Hall’s analysis concludes that it was not a Boeing 767 that struck the North Tower as the media reported.


The video shows impossible impact dynamics, proving that what we are looking at is not a Boeing 767,” he stated.

Hall said that the aircraft’s wing structure is far to fragile, especially near the tips, to slice through reinforced steel columns on the tower’s exterior on impact, as depicted in videos provided publicly by the media.

“It’s made up of extremely thin aluminum ribs,” he said. “There is no way the wing is going to win.”

The planes were crated using “cartoon physics or butter planes,” Hall maintains. “In my opinion, we are not seeing a 767 with fragile aluminum plane impacting on solid steel columns.”

Through his research Hall concluded that a physical object did fly through the sky on 9/11 but the object was not a Boeing 767 as reports claim. Hall said that the wing-shaped cuts into the tower were formed seconds after the object’s impact.

Additionally, Hall’s analysis found that a Boeing 767 can not travel near sea-level at the speed of over 505 knots (578 mph) as a prominent 9/11 report claims. However, Hall independently confirmed that the object was traveling at a speed of “583 mph” in all of the 53 different video clips, again proving that a physical object, not a Boeing 767, did fly through the airspace and impact the tower.

If you remember, most images of the North Tower plane strike on 9/11 show a very dark looking plane with no windows. Moreover, eyewitnesses of the plane could be heard saying things like: “What the hell is that?” As the object was not perceived as a plane to the physical eye.

“What were we really looking at?” Hall questioned. “The true answer is: I don’t know but I will go as far as to say that it was not a 767 and whatever it was was masquerading as a passenger plane. In other words, the videos were real and the planes were at least to some degree fake.”

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