Three suspects potentially involved in deadly Mandalay Bay shooting, maybe more

Eyewitness says Hispanic lady threatened concertgoers moments before shooting: ‘You are all going to die’

LAS VEGAS (INTELLIHUB) — A concertgoer told the media that she witnessed a ‘short Hispanic lady’ threatening attendees of the Route 95 music festival Saturday night with death before the woman was eventually escorted out of the venue by authorities along with her ‘Hispanic boyfriend’ just moments before over 50 people were shot to death and over 500 others were injured outside Mandalay Bay.

If the woman’s eyewitness report is accurate it would point to the fact that possibly up to three people were involved in the largest mass shooting to ever take place in U.S. history and that there may be more to the crime than meets the eye.

The eyewitness told Sky News that the woman said that everyone at the concert was “going to die.”

The eyewitness said that she left the concert about 15-minutes before the shooting actually started but said that she indeed witnessed a “Hispanic woman and her boyfriend” warning people that they were about to die.

“I thought that it had a positive correlation to it,” the eyewitness said. “Like obviously she was telling us that either to tell us to warn us or to tell us that we were all going to die and she was part of it. Her and her boyfriend were both Hispanic, they were shorter five-footers, probably about 5’5″- 5’6″ […] they just looked like everyday people.”

Authorities suspect that a man by the name of Stephen Paddock, 64, is the shooter and may have taken his own life.

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