Thursday night’s GOP Debate was a bloodbath, candidates brutally tore into each other

Attacks against Trump thwarted, Establishment clearly intimidated

DETROIT, Mich. (INTELLIHUB) — Thursday night’s GOP Debate, hosted by Fox News personalities Chris Wallace, Brett Baier and Megyn Kelly, started off with tremendous energy and was backed by a rowdy crowd. The first hour-and-a-half was the best in terms of entertainment value as the candidates tore into each other in a proverbial fight to the death — it was literally no-holds-barred.

To no surprise, right out of the gate, moderator questions flew at the GOP front-runner Donald Trump, who managed them well.

Trump addressed Mitt Romney’s earlier attack in response to Wallace’s first question as if Romney was a mere fly on the wall or was simply a gnat.

“He [Romney] was a failed candidate who should have beaten President Obama very easily.,” Trump stated, also pointing out how Romney is likely jealous and probably still wishes he was “relevant.”

Then, for the “eighteenth time,” Trump was asked about the Klu Klux Klan — and for the ’18th time’ Trump publicly disavowed them. “Obviously I’m going to disavow” them, Trump said. This was yet just another attempt by the media to carry on something that is a non-issue in an attempt to sway voters minds from actually voting for their choice.

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Next Florida Sen. Marco Rubio was confronted by Baier about his locker-room antics and senseless attacks on Trump which made the press throughout the week. However, Rubio caved and said that he would “rather have a policy debate” before going on to mention Trump’s counter attacks.


Soon after a highly scripted and well prepared Ted Cruz gave a fake-hearted speech in an attempt to bamboozle the audience. During his pitch, disingenuous cheering from the bought and paid for audience could be heard.

Trump stepped up and addressed Cruz’s actual pole position.

Trump said:

“I’ve heard Ted say that over and over again on television, that he’s the only one that can beat me. Just for the record I’ve won ten — he’s won three or four. Last week, in fact on Tuesday, I was half a million votes highr than him [Cruz] — I was a million votes higher than Marco — that’s a lot of votes.”

The bottom line is Cruz, Rubio and kasich are all three getting beaten by Trump badly and the Establishment can’t handle it.

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Additionally, after some argument with Rubio, Trump pointed out that he is even projected to beat Hillary Clinton in many polls, including a “Fox poll” and a “USA Today poll.”

Rubio jumped in to say:

“Two-thirds of the people who cast a vote in the Republican Primary Caucus have voted against you [Trump]. They do not want you to be our nominee.”

Trump could be seen rolling his eyes in disgust at Rubio’s comments.

Later on in the debate Fox News moderator Megyn Kelly questioned Donald Trump on lawsuit against Trump University and also insinuated that Trump’s a ‘con man.’

Trump fired back at Kelly. Trump said, “Let’s see what happen at the end of three years [when the lawsuit is over], let’s see who’s right.”

Rubio quickly jumped in to say that Trump is “conning people.”

Needless to say, Trump hit him back.

“The people of Florida wouldn’t elect him [Rubio] for dogcatcher.”

Rubio started to garner boos from the crowd after losing the argument.

It is also important to point out that before the end of the night Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and John Kasich all three confirmed that they would indeed support Donald Trump as the GOP nominee, if in fact he was nominated.

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However, it’s safe to say that the GOP will do everything in their power to block the clear candidate of choice, Donald Trump, from becoming the next POTUS.

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