It’s time we had “the talk”: Will you survive nuclear war?


By Dr. Richard Sauder | Event Horizon Chronicle

Mikhail Gorbachev, the last head of state of the Soviet Union, has recently issued yet another warning of impending war between Russia and the USSA/NATO military bloc.

Viewing the rapidly deteriorating state of affairs between Russia, the USSA and NATO, which is a de facto Cold War, Gorbachev warned:

“Unfortunately, I cannot be sure that the Cold War will not bring about a ‘hot’ one. I’m afraid they might take the risk…”

By “they” he means the USSA and NATO. The push towards war is coming from the USSA and NATO, as they make a naked power play for global control.

The problem is that the central bank-warfare economic model that is based on ever larger, accumulating mountains of debt-based, so-called economic “growth” is spectacularly failing. It is the only trump card that the USSA and NATO have. When that system fails, and it is failing now, it spells the end of the USSA’s and NATO’s economic and military power.

Whence the insane push towards war with Russia by the USSA and NATO. There is a real danger that the USSA and NATO will lash out militarily against Russia, and that could easily lead to a nuclear conflict of unpredictable, horrific dimensions.

To make matters worse, in recent days and weeks, various figures in the West have hinted at excluding Russia from the SWIFT system of international, inter-bank transactions. If that should be done, it would effectively exclude Russia from international commerce, and would therefore constitute an overt act of war.

Russian Prime Minister Medvedev has unambiguously stated in recent days that, if the West were to do that, the Russian response would be “without limits.”

Andrei Kostin, a powerful Russian banker, also delivered the same warning at the Davos World Economic Forum last week, stating that excluding Russia from the SWIFT system would be an act of war.

Either the West will come to its senses and soon, or there will very possibly be war with Russia, perhaps nuclear war. Unfortunately, the war lobby in the West is both insane and relentless, meaning that we have reached a very dangerous pass.

Here Comes The Rain, Baby

Minot Manifesto

In 2010 I went over the security fence onto nuclear missile silo H-8, near Parshall, North Dakota, USSA to peacefully, nonviolently protest against USSA military preparations for nuclear war.

I was jailed for 100 days in North Dakota. I had a kangaroo court trial in which I was found guilty of criminal trespass and released from jail with time served.

I issued my Minot Manifesto at that time, which explained the thinking and philosophy that informed my actions.

Lamentably, 99.999% of humanity have not joined me and the relative handful of other human beings who have acted similarly in recent years and decades. Because the great bulk of humanity have not seen fit to trouble themselves over these issues of war and nuclear policy, we now stand poised at the brink of absolute disaster — at our own hands, because we have shirked our responsibility as individuals and as a global species.

We have but to look in the mirror to see who is responsible. We have paid the taxes, we have voted for the corrupt politicians, we have sent our sons and daughters to work for and to operate the military machine(s), we have sung the so-called “patriotic” songs and anthems which are nothing but violent odes to war, and more. And so we draw closer to the abyss.

Here’s What Can Happen

It is essential to understand that unless the USSA/NATO/Israel change their bellicose foreign policies that the world is on a trajectory for a major war, perhaps even this year or next. It is essential to understand that, due to present-day geopolitical, economic and military realities, a major war between the USSA/NATO/Israel Axis and the Russian-Chinese Alliance could very easily and quickly become a nuclear conflict.

Both the Russians and Chinese have a range of nuclear weapons that are capable of striking targets in Europe, the Middle East, the Pacific region and in the continental USSA.

Should the USSA and/or NATO and/or the ZioNazi regime be so foolish as to aggressively, militarily target Russian and Chinese national interests (a military strike against Iran could even possibly suffice, seeing as both Russia and China have important interests in Iran), then the Chinese and/or the Russians will surely retaliate.

See the first section of this article for some Russian warnings that the USSA/NATO/EU Axis is approaching a Russian red line. The Chinese have been more muted in their response to the steadily growing military encirclement of their territory by the USSA military’s so-called “Pivot To Asia.” But there is no reason to think that they would suffer USSA military aggression against their national interests without retaliating.

If it comes to war against Russia and China, the conflict could be unimaginably violent. It is the nature of modern, high-tech warfare that the conflict could also be unimaginably fast. The Russians and Chinese have silo, truck and underground tunnel based, intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), submarine launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs), air launched nuclear cruise missiles, sea launched nuclear cruise missiles, electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapons, supersonic anti-ship nuclear missiles that can take out aircraft carriers, and much more. All of these weapons could be launched and hit their targets within less than 30 minutes.

If it comes to that, here is just a very partial list of the first hour’s possible targets.

Middle East and Southwest Asia
Tel Aviv

City of London
Souda Bay
Menwith Hill

Pine Gap (hit by waves of multi-megaton warheads)

Pacific Region

USSA Mainland
San Diego
Puget Sound region
Bluffdale, Utah
Los Alamos
White Sands
San Antonio
Killeen/Ft. Hood
Memphis/Naval Support Activity Mid-South
Kings Bay
Mt. Weather
Site R
Camp David
Camp Peary/Cheatham Annex

A Lot Of You Will Not Survive

If it comes to that, thousands of people reading this article will not survive. For one thing, a good number of the targets I have listed have substantial underground bases or facilities associated with them. These sites are certainly known to Russian and Chinese military intelligence agencies and certainly would be targeted with multiple strikes by multi-megaton weapons.

For example, I would not want to be within 100 miles of the Albuquerque/Kirtland/Sandia/ Manzano Mountains underground complex when/if there is a shooting nuclear war. There would be one multi-megaton warhead after another coming in to blow that whole region to hell and back.

Same thing with the Camp David – Site R underground complex. It stretches for miles beneath the hills and mountains of northern Maryland and southern Pennsylvania. The Russians and Chinese have certainly intensively and extensively imaged that whole area with their remote sensing satellites. They know what is there and where it is. It is you who don’t know.

If it comes to a shooting nuclear war, it will be the end of post-WWII Europe and it will be the end of the USSA.

Israel will be completely erased from the pages of history. It will be as if it never was.

Period. In one hour. Over. Finished.

Now you know why I went out on the nuclear missile silos in the USSA again and again, trying to get someone’s attention, anyone’s attention, to head off the insanity that is poised to destroy the world.

For my trouble I was repeatedly arrested, jailed, imprisoned, handcuffed, shackled, chained, ridiculed, jeered, mocked, harassed, threatened, lectured, assaulted, fined, fired from jobs, evicted, surveiled, spied upon, and more.

So I have left the USSA and live in exile in South America. I intend to remain in South America.

The Really Dark Side Of Nuclear War

As hellish as a nuclear war would be, the aftermath would be even worse. That is because there are hundreds of nuclear power plants in the USSA, in Europe, in Japan, etc. Many of the likely targets I list above happen to be very near nuclear power reactors and their spent fuel pools. A shooting nuclear war would therefore absolutely imply the catastrophic failure or destruction of multiple nuclear power plants, perhaps the destruction or failure of many nuclear power plants and their spent fuel storage facilities.

Failed nuclear power plants cannot be fixed or repaired, the more so in the absolute chaos of a nuclear war. That is another reason that nuclear war MUST NOT happen. In the case of the USSA, imagine that all of the places I have listed above have been hit by one or more nuclear warheads, and that 35 nuclear power plants around the USSA have also catastrophically failed. So there would be two or three dozen sites and cities in the USSA that would have been destroyed by nuclear strikes, with tens of millions of dead and dying victims, and also three dozen failed nuclear power plants, whose reactors would either have exploded or melted down, and their spent fuel pools would also be in the process of exploding/burning/melting down.

It would be the end of everything you have ever known. There would be no more USSA.

Ever. And most of the population would either be dead outright or facing a grim, lethal, radioactive future.

That is the destination towards which the so-called military, political and financial elite of the USSA are leading the whole world.

It is beyond insane. It is thoroughly satanic.

We have to recognize that.


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This article originally appeared on the Event Horizon Chronicle.

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