Timeline of Hell: Multiple shooters, shoot teams, and locations prove officials lied about the Las Vegas shooting

Police 9-1-1 calls reveal the 1 October shooting was a major black op/terror attack which authorities chose to hide from the general public altogether

LAS VEGAS (INTELLIHUB) — After hours upon hours of tireless research, Intellihub Founder and Director Shepard Ambellas has managed to, once again, eviscerate the official narrative in which Sheriff Joseph Lombardo and FBI Special Agent-In-Charge Aaron Rouse both conclude that a 64-year-old professional gambler named Stephen Paddock “acted alone” in planning the 1 October attack and was the only shooter to engage victims. However, as you will see herein this report, nothing could be further from the truth, as a number of attacks involving a number of attackers occurred all the way up and down the strip that night, as Intellihub’s editor-in-chief previously reported as early as October 2017.

(See entire archive, over 250 detailed reports)

After listening to over 1150 actual police 9-1-1 calls obtained by Intellihub, Ambellas has determined that the attacks mostly took place over a three hour span and were carried out by a number of different attackers who, at times, operated as teams throughout the night — and yes, the helicopters were really there and are real.

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The following timeline was assembled by Ambellas and runs between the dates and hours of October 1, 2017, at 10 pm and October 2, 2017, at 1 am on the following morning.

Timeline of Hell

19:59 pm

Mandalay Bay security guard Jesus Campos was reportedly struck in leg by a bullet after the suspect, Stephen Paddock, fired a few single shots followed by a 200-round volley of bullets through the door of room 135.

Although body cam footage of Campos shows no blood on his leg or entry wound, Campos told police that he thought that he had been shot in the leg with a “BB gun” which even investigators thought was odd.

210:04 pm

A sniper takes single potshots into the crowd before fully-automatic gunfire erupted. This key fact was unreported by LVMPD and exclusively reported by Intellihub.

Source Video

310:05 pm

  • Stephen Paddock unleashes his first volley of fully-automatic gunfire onto crowd goers attending the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival from his 32nd-floor suite, according to LVMPD’s official story.
  • Officer reports a 415A (Assualt/Battery with a Gun). “We got shots fired at Route 91 […] sounded like an automatic firearm.
  • Officer reports that he sees the shots coming from ‘Mandalay Bay halfway up.’


LVMPD Force Investigation Team Report

410:11 pm

Eleven minutes after the hour, a security officer on the 32nd-floor of Mandalay Bay in the 200-wing and one additional officer who was with him at the time radioed-in to dispatch to report that they had just saw two Metro Police Officers on floor 32.

According to Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Force Investigation Team Report, Officers “Varsin and Hendrex” were in the building but not on the 32nd-floor. In fact, the official report suggests that the two Metro officers were in the 31st-floor stairwell at 10:16 p.m. and mentioned nothing about them being on the 32nd-floor at any time before 10:11 pm, as the 9-1-1 call audio indicates which raises more questions than answers.

Who were the two officers on the 32nd-floot before 10:11 pm and what were they doing? Was it Varsin and Hendrix on the 32nd-floor early on?

The bombshell revelation contained within actual 9-1-1 call audio obtained by Intellihub clearly contradicts LVMPD’s official narrative.

The following is an excerpt from the FIT Report:


510:14 pm

Mandalay Bay Security Dispatch calls 9-1-1 to report an “active shooter” on the 32nd-floor in room “32-135.”


610:16 pm

A 9-1-1 operator asks the caller if she saw the shooter and the woman who was inside the Route 91 venue replied: “I think we saw the guy flying in a helicopter. […] You guys need officers in the sky because he’s flying in a helicopter.”

Keep in mind the LVMPD helicopter did not show up anywhere near the vicinity until 10:25 pm.

You can learn more about the helicopters here.

Listen to call 48

LVMPD Force Investigation Team Report

711:19 pm

Mandalay Bay security personnel relayed over the radio to dispatch that he and one other officer were with Metro Officers Varsin and Hendrex who were both “on 32-100 […] armed with long-rifles.”

Keep in mind this is just 4 minutes after the fully-automatic gunfire had stopped which raises the following question:

Why did it take SWAT an additional hour to breach the room?

Remember according to the FIT Report, the first breach (the doors of 32-135) happened at 11:20 p.m. and the second breach (the adjacent door adjoining door to room 32-134) at 11:36 p.m., despite the fact that two guests staying at Mandalay Bay on floors 21 and 33 both reported hearing an explosions and smelling smoke around 11:32 p.m. which again contradicts the official narrative seen below.

Can somebody please explain what the hell SWAT was doing for another hour?


810:26 pm

9-1-1 call operator Rupert 15952 reports that she was connected with an officer via landline who confirmed that there was, in fact, “three shooters on the 32nd-floor” of the Mandalay Bay.


910:28 pm

A Mandalay Bay security dispatch officer who’s on the line with a 9-1-1 operator receives a call from his significant other whom he referred to as “babe.” It appears she’s worried about his status after getting news of the shooting.


1010:29 pm

A Mandalay Bay security dispatch officer tells 9-1-1: “There is an active shooter possibly terror related but it’s not confirmed it’s terrorist related but three shooters so far but the information is not verified though. […] we supposedly have three shooters up on the 32nd-floor, multiple casualties, possibly one officer shot in the head […] we don’t know if it’s security or Metro yet but we’re verifying.”


1110:30 pm

A 9-1-1 operator who’s on the phone with Mandalay Bay security dispatch reveals a “Metro Officer has a gunshot wound to the neck.” (This may have occurred inside the Mandalay Bay on the 32nd-floor but it’s not known for sure)


1210:33 pm

An emergency call operator who was taking real-time caller info on the night of 1 October can be heard in the background of another call saying: “We have three shooters on the 32nd-floor of the Mandalay Bay.”

Listen to call 159

1310:33 pm

Security called to the 28th-floor of Mandalay Bay by a hotel guest for “an unknown reason.”


1410:38 pm

9-1-1 operator: “There was a shooter at the Route 91 and all that we know is that the suspects are still outstanding and there were three of them.”

Listen to call 197

1510:38 pm

Caller inside Hooters hotel room 340: “They are saying there’s a shooter in the lobby of the casino.”

Listen to call 205

1610:41 pm

A man who got a call from one of his employees saying that she was ‘trapped in an airport hanger’ relayed the following information to a 911 operator:

“Okay, she’s in a hanger at an airport and she said that she’s seen people get shot there where she is. She said that she’s at an airport and they broke into, and ducked into a hanger [she] thinks it’s hanger number six and [said] there was shooting going on where she is.”

Listen to call 217

1710:45 pm

Man to 9-1-1: “Two [middle-eastern] gentlemen with backpacks and a bullet proof vest [are] walking calmly into the hotel while everybody is running the other way and they got people who were shot in the restaurant in front of it. I think that’s some of the shooters. It’s behind the Hooters. It’s America’s Best Value — it’s a little motel.”

Listen to call 242

1810:48 pm

Off duty Orange County Sheriff tells 9-1-1 operator: “First floor parking, MGM, suspicious people. I don’t know, they are on their phones, middle-eastern, first floor, MGM parking lot. […] they were surrounding a vehicle […] it was just a weird look.”

Listen to call 261

1910:54 pm

9-1-1 operator: “As far as we know there are three suspects.”

Listen to call 307

2011:00 pm

Woman at the MGM Grand tells 9-1-1: “There is more than one shooter […] I want you to know there is more than one. […] There’s multiple. […] Stop telling the news that there is only one shooter there is multiple shooters and they are out there.”

Listen to call 342

2111:02 pm

A man calls 9-1-1 from an airport hangar to report that there are two victims with gunshot wounds inside the hangar and tells the operator that he was “thinking that there were multiple shooters” and that “it sounded like there were multiple firearms being fired off at the same time” during the venue attack which started around 10:05 pm and carried on for a full 10 minutes.

Listen to call 529

2211:04 pm

A credible off-duty Ventura County firefighter calls 9-1-1 to report that a person with a gun came through the bottom floor of the New York New York.

Listen to call 543

2311:04 pm

New York New York Security officer to 9-1-1: “We’ve got deaths in back. Um, we heard shots fired […] no more than two minutes ago. […] It was at Zumanity, at the back of the property, in the Zumanity theater […] five or six shots.”

Listen to call 547

2411:06 pm

A man calls 9-1-1 to report that “numerous people saw” a shooter “coming down the escalator” at the New York New York. The caller, who was sheltered-in-place in a storage room on the casino floor with 8 others at the time, told the operator that it all happened just a few minutes before he called.

Keep in mind, the shooting at the venue ended at 10:15 pm and this occurred around 11:04 pm almost an hour later.

Listen to call 566

2511:08 pm

A front desk worker at the New York New York told a 9-1-1 emergency call center operator that “there was some shooting going on across the street at the Excalibur” which caused people to flood her way.

Listen to call 583

2611:08 pm

A guest staying at Mandalay Bay in room 30-128 reports what sounded like a “single pop” of “gunfire” in the room right next to him.

The 30th-floor guest also tells police that he heard a lot of previous gunfire as well that sounded like it was coming from the room “next door” to him.

“When the shootings were going off it was extremely close — like next door.”

Listen to call 588

2711:10 pm

Las Vegas Monorail Control tells 9-1-1 operator: “We have two passengers that are on the monorail platform who have gunshot wounds to their leg.”

Listen to call 356

2811:10 pm

Caller tells 9-1-1: “We are stuck in the New York New York we don’t know if it’s safe to leave — we saw bodies on the floor in the Zumanity theater.”

Listen to call 365

2911:12 pm

Caller tells 9-1-1: “Yes, metro, this is in reference to your active shooter — my niece [is] saying there is an active shooter, now, inside the Tropicana […].”

Listen to call 381

3011:16 pm

An employee who works at a pub in Aria calls 9-1-1 to report hearing “two gunshots” in the casino.

Listen to call 640

3111:17 pm

Report: Fat Burger employee shot just prior to the 9-1-1 call, “five seconds ago.”

Listen to call 1025

3211:18 pm

A frantic woman calls 9-1-1 after hearing “shooting in the Aria” near “Crystal’s.”

Listen to call 648

3311:19 pm

A woman calls 9-1-1 to report shooting in the Aria. She heard 2 gunshots.

Listen to call 655

3411:20 pm

A woman calls 9-1-1 to report that she “just heard shots outside the Miracle Mile mall” less than 1 minute prior.

Listen to call 664

3511:20 pm

Another caller tells a 9-1-1 operator that “there is a shooting in the Miracle Mile shops” and that her and others heard “gunshots” which sounded like a “shotguns.”

Listen to call 671

3611:21 pm

A woman calls 9-1-1 to report people inside Bruxie’s Original Fried Chicken are “being held hostage […] with guns” inside the restaurant and that “20 people have already been killed.” The incident happened 10-15 minutes prior to the call. (Ref: Event #3725)

Listen to call 675

3711:22 pm

A man tells 9-1-1 that he is at the Tropicana and that he needs officers to respond ASAP after another man was shot in the head by a shooter in the “casino main room […] just five minutes ago. The man reported hearing two shots.

Listen to call 696

3811:23 pm

A man called 9-1-1 to explain that he had just been shot outside the T-Mobile Arena at a country event.

Listen to call 706

3911:23 pm

“There is a shooting in the casino,” a woman at Planet Hollywood tells 9-1-1.

Listen to call 707

4011:24 pm

Report: Active shooter at or nearby the Chandelier Bar inside the Cosmopolitan.

Listen to call 713

4111:24 pm

Bellagio front desk worker: “I work at the front desk — they are shooting right here in front of me. […] It happened right next to me because I was by the door. […] I heard pow, pow, pow — I saw the lady she fell.”

Listen to call 723

4211:25 pm

Guest at Aria tells 9-1-1: “I’m at the Aria hotel in Vegas and there was a gunshot […] by the gaming area by the bike rack.”

Listen to call 731

4311:25 pm

Two frantic women call 9-1-1 from the Bellagio to report shots fired near the front desk in the lobby area. The shooter fired off 5 shots with a “pistol,” according to a witness.

Listen to call 738

4411:26 pm

A woman heard shooting inside the Vinetian hotel several minutes prior.

Listen to call 753

4511:26 pm

A guest staying at the Saudi-owned Four Seasons Hotel inside Mandalay Bay, room 35-326, reports a gunshots in the room adjacent to hers.

Listen to call 760

4611:27 pm

Man calls 9-1-1 to report his daughter “saw somebody get their face blown off at Planet Hollywood” several minutes prior. “People are getting killed right now at the Planet Hollywood.”

Listen to call 770

4711:28 pm

Caller reports active shooter “in the room next door” to her brother who is staying at Mandalay Bay.

Listen to call 775

4811:29 pm

“There was a shooting inside the casino” at Caesars Palace: Report

Listen to call 785

4911:29 pm

Report: “The shooter is actually inside the MGM […] by the food court.”

Listen to call 786

5011:30 pm

Report: Shots fired at the Paris “inside the casino.”

Listen to call 795

5111:30 pm

Father calls 9-1-1 to report his son had text messaged him after he heard shots fired below the 21st-floor club room at the Tropicana.

Listen to call 805

5211:31 pm

Caller tells 911 operator: “We are in the Bellagio and we heard gunshots and we don’t know what to do. […] Maybe like five to ten minutes ago. […] A bunch of people ran from outside the casino inside.”

911 operator: “[…] these shooters are still outstanding.” (i.e. the shooters are still on the loose)

Listen to call 390

5311:31 pm

Caller to 911 operator: “The shooter was in front of Planet Hollywood.”

Listen to call 391

5411:32 pm

A woman staying on the 32nd-floor of the Mandalay Bay in room 32-327, on the 300 wing, reports hearing the “fire alarm” and seeing “a lot of smoke.”

Listen to call 395

5511:32 pm

Woman reports to 911 that there was a shooter inside the Paris casino and that multiple shots were fired.

“I think I heard five to six shots, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom,” the woman explained to the operator.

Listen to call 396

5611:32 pm

A hotel guest staying on the 21st-floor at Mandalay Bay told a 911 operator that he heard “what sounded like an explosion” around 11:30 pm just before “glass” fell down past his exterior hotel room window.

Listen to call 399

5711:33 pm

Metro: “We are getting reports of an active shooter at the Venetian.”

Listen to call 406

5811:33 pm

A woman who called 911 told the operator that her sister was in the food court at the Excalibur when a gunman came in and open fired.

Listen to call 407

5911:33 pm

Caller tell 911 operator: “There is an active shooting at the Paris casino […] we heard the shots […] maybe 30-45 seconds ago.” (The caller maintained that he continued to hear gunshots while on the phone with 911)

Listen to call 411

6011:33 pm

911 operator taking a report: “The shooter was at the Chandelier bar in the Cosmo and we have another one down in the valet of the Bellagio.”

Listen to call 416

6111:33 pm

A guest staying at Mandalay Bay on the 33rd-floor reports hearing an explosion below the 33rd-floor.

Listen to call 412

6211:40 pm

Report: A man with a rifle just went into the Bellagio employee entrance — he just came out of a white van

Listen to call 835

6311:40 pm

Report: Shooter is at Ocean One Bar & Grille in the Miracle Mile shoppes.

Listen to call 839

6411:40 pm

Report: We heard the shootings at the Caesars, Paris, and New York New York.

Listen to call 840

6511:42 pm

“There’s people with guns over there at the High Roller. […] there’s a lot of people already killed in there.”

Listen to call 469

6611:42 pm

Report: There were two people that looked like suspects or were shooters who have just changed clothes that we can see by the window [at the] Desert Oasis apartment complex.”

Listen to call 1029

6711:43 pm

Caller to 911 operator: “So there is this active shooting guy at the Mirage.” (Caller references a male shooter inside of the Mirage.

Listen to call 482

6811:43 pm

A man staying at MGM Grand on the 38th-floor in tower number two room 37-716 reports hearing a lot of gunfire in the building within the past 2-3 minutes.

Listen to call 483

Google Maps

6911:43 pm

A man named Chris told a 911 operator that he sees a man dressed in black on the lower roof of the Mandalay Bay by a skylight.

Listen to call 485

7011:43 pm

911 caller reports that a lot of shots were fired in Caesar’s Palace around 11:33 pm.

“One woman even got shot,” he explained.

Listen to call 489

7111:43 pm

Caller to 911 operator: “We’re in the Bellagio, we can hear them shooting.”

Listen to call 491

7211:43 pm

Caller tells 911 operator: “I’m in the Linq hotel and there’s and active shooter. […] he came in the front entrance […] strip side.”

Listen to call 492

7311:44 pm

Caller to 911 operator: “They are shooting at the Flamingo […] they are still shooting now.”

Listen to call 497

7411:47 pm

Uber driver calls 9-1-1 to report that he had dropped off a suspicious man and a woman at the airport who told the Uber driver that ‘Vegas is not prepared for a terrorist attack.’ Additionally, the Uber driver stated to the operator that the pair claimed that they were “military.”

Listen to call 869

7511:47 pm

Man reports ‘shots fired in the back parking lot area of the Flamingo hotel.’

Listen to call 871

7611:47 pm

Wife reports her husband saw “blood splattered” inside the New York New York casino.

Listen to call 884

7711:48 pm

Report of ‘active gunshots in front of the Omnia Nightclub.’

Listen to call 891

7811:56 pm

Man report hearing “2 shots” at the Hexx Kitchen inside the Bellagio about 15 minutes prior to the call.

Listen to call 954

Caller reports a ‘suspicious” black man’ with a black car at the Polo Tower Travel Lodge.

Listen to call 1153 and 1154

7912:04 am

Man reports hearing a gunshot around 12:34 pm at the Excalibur.

Listen to call 1038

8012:09 am

Off-duty cop who’s a guest at the MGM Grand calls 9-1-1 to explain that there is a hostile woman who’s armed with a gun that has already shot a man who she then dragged into a hotel room.

Listen to call 1054

8112:09 am

Father reports that his daughter was shot at while working at her place of employment. The man explains his daughter is an employee at In-and-Out Burger.

Listen to call 1055

8212:15 am

Man reports active shooting inside the Excalibur.

Listen to call 1070

8312:22 am

Report of a suspicious man who is hiding from the metro Air 5 police helicopter near a Treasure Island parking lot.

Listen to call 1104

8412:28 am

Father’s reports that his daughter and two others are staying in a 34th-floor Vista Suite in Mandalay Bay where they can hear noises inside the ventilation system above the room.

Listen to call 1126

8512:31 am

“I heard a shot in the casino five minutes ago” in the Paris.

Listen to call 1129

8612:33 am

“There is somebody in the vent above the room […] it sounds like there is somebody crawling — hiding in the vent” in room 34-135 at Mandalay Bay.

Listen to call 1131

8712:34 am

Report of shooting inside the ballroom of the Bellagio 10-15 minutes prior to call.

Listen to call 1132

8812:44 am

A woman’s friend witnessed a woman get shot and possibly killed who was just ten feet in front of her inside Hooters. The woman described the event as “horrific.”

Listen to call 1138

8912:25 am

A guest staying at the Delano hotel, room 33-804, says that he “witnessed the shooters at one point during the event.” The man said that he was in the casino level of the Delano in the bar area when he saw “two gunmen armed with AR-15 type weapons.” The two men positioned themselves in the hallway “in a tactical manner” before firing five to ten rounds down the hall way. The shooters were medium build and were wearing khaki colored pants and long-sleeved “button-down” shirts.

Listen to call 1146