TIP: Armored Military Equipment Movements In CONUS

The Intellihub
Shepard Ambellas
July 24, 2011GHC 120x240

The tips are already coming in. Here is one regarding armored equipment (tanks) moving in South Carolina.

TIP: I live in North Charleston SC, just northwest of the old Navy Base. CSX Track is 100 feet from my front door.

I don’t know my tanks but I can tell you all of these were identical, large, and, possibly had armament mounts on top. In summer 2010 I personally witnessed six or so CSX engined trains with assets, most rolling southbound through my neighborhood, I live in the North Charleston city limits.

I was bummed I couldnt’ get the video to work and, when I was fumbling with the camera to try to roll video, I didn’t get a look for markings. I will add these were large tanks, unsure if they were weathered/saw action or not.

Yesterday, 07/23/11, southbound CSX train, 2:35pm. Ten or so cars, two tanks each. Unsure if turrets were plugged or not, Tried to get video but camera malfunctioned  so only got two pics zoomed in at distance.

This is the first train with military assets I’ve seen rolling through my neighborhood in about a year.

*Intellihub Note: This is not about attacking the U.S. military or even being directly against them. This is about knowing if our government is going to unleash foreign and or American troops on the population during civil unrest.