Tokyo experiencing worst snowfall in decades as fears of a ‘mini ice age’ surface

The U.S. has blamed the recent cold snap on the polar vortex, but some question what is really going on

By Shepard Ambellas

TOKYO (INTELLIHUB) — The city was hit heavy with snowfall over the weekend as Saturday alone garnered 10.6 inches alone according to reports.

Power outages across the city are raising concern amongst residents, but the power grid is expected to primarily hold up. Over 20,000 residents still remain without power.

Eleven people have been reported to have been killed in traffic accidents caused from the rare and harsh conditions winter conditions. Haneda International Airport has reported crowding and delays as well, putting a dent in travel plans for some.

Scientists and the mainstream media alike have already blamed the “polar vortex” for the unusually cold weather in the U.S., however, it will be interesting to see what the cause of the unusual weather in the Tokyo area will be blamed on.


The Voice of Russia reported:

Several universities delayed the start of their entrance exams. The snowy streets also may have discouraged voters from going to the polls on Sunday to choose a new Tokyo governor, with turnout rates hovering around 46 percent, the third lowest in history.

Powering north, the storm dumped 35 cm of snow on the city of Sendai, parts of which were devastated by the March 2011 tsunami. It was the heaviest snowfall recorded there in 78 years.

To no surprise this abnormal weather is quite concerning to some, including new agers, as the Sedona Journal reported that earth will be entering a “mini ice age” soon.

So far there have been no reports of “fake snow” in Tokyo, like some reports that have surfaced from the states.

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

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  • Busdriver Bill

    I’m putting my money on a mini-ice-age. The sun has the longest sun-spot minimum in a very long time. Usually that produces a colder weather pattern for earth.

    And don’t forget, folks, CO2 isn’t poisonous, rather it is necessary for all life forms to prosper. All this about “Man-made” climate change is just plain crazy.

  • Beverly Buckman

    Daily chemtrail spraying and HAARP are to blame…they can create storms or droughts….just look at the lines in the sky…the white blanket…the constant assault of eight or more planes spraying chemicals into the sky…..that is what is happening….geo-engeneering….’WEATHER AS A WEAPON”!

  • JSR

    Snow cover data is displayed only for most recent dates.”

  • Dark Angel

    Nuclear Winter