Tokyo Radiation Levels Dangerous To Citizens

The Intellihub
Shepard Ambellas
August 22, 2011

The Japanese government has been caught in many outright lies to their very own people and the rest of the world, giving them pretty much zero credibility when it comes to radiation information and updates surrounding the Fukushima Disaster in March of this year.

Many who actually trust their government have returned to the daily grind as normal like good little sheep, making the best of what resources they have.

Sadly, many will be left to die a slow, hard, death.

The following radiation reading (report) was taken on the outskirts of Tokyo Japan by a citizen reporter:

High levels of radiation have been showing up in parts around the world, including the United States and Canada, at an alarming rate. China has also found a 100,000 square mile swath of ocean highly contaminated with Fukushima’s deadly radiation.

This is a global crisis and is being covered up well.

Other disasters loom on the horizon with problems at nuclear facilities in the United States caused by a mix of corruption and natural disasters.

In-fact some workers have just returned to the Nebraska, Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant.