Tom Arnold says Roseanne is too into ‘conspiracy stuff’ like ‘Pizzagate,’ called President Trump ‘white trash racist’ on CNN

'[...] we have a white trash racist President [...] that's a fact'

(INTELLIHUB) — Roseanne Barr’s ex-husband Tom Arnold appeared on CNN Wednesday evening where he told Anderson Cooper he knew the comedian’s new sitcom revival would be short-lived and called President Donald Trump “white trash.”

That’s right, according to Arnold who’s most famous for his role in True Lies (1984), Roseanne is “so far gone […] into the conspiracy stuff with Donald Trump, Pizzagate, and how Hillary Clinton is a pedophile” that he’s surprised ABC failed to vet her Twitter feed ahead of time before hiring her.

“I was surprised that they didn’t do anything about it,” Arnold said. “I figured someone would take her phone away or monitor that because it’s dangerous, you know, when you have that much money on a show.”

“By the way, this monkey thing was something she’s tweeted before about black people,” he explained. “It’s a meme that thousands of her Alt-Right fans do — they love calling black people monkeys — it’s not a one time joke, there’s more.”

“They do it because we have a white trash racist President — that’s a fact,” Arnold spouted.

The schizophrenic-looking actor admits, he learned a lot from Roseanne back in the day while working as a meat-packer around the time the two first met and recalls how she was a liberal feminist at the time.

Arnold also said that he and Barr have both suffered from “mental health issues” over the years.

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