ST. LOUIS, Missouri (INTELLIHUB) — The Monster Energy Supercross Round 13 450SX win goes to Eli Tomac, Kawasaki, who rode nearly a picture perfect race battling the reigning Supercross Champion Ryan Dungey, KTM, from the start.

Both riders were bar-to-bar just after the gate drop and were riding with intensity.

Tomac managed to creep away from the KTM rider by the midway point of the race but Dungey later found his groove and swung quickly back into action closing the gap on the Kawasaki rider before the unexpected happened, halting the battle.

Tomac passed Chad Reed, no. 22, Yamaha, who was a lapper in 16th place at the time, but as Dungy went to pass Reed while chasing Tomac, despite blue (lapper) flags being out, Reed failed to let Dungey pass and held his line for well over two laps costing Dungey major time ultimately thwarting a major battle for first and Dungey’s chance to win.

Tomac finished the race in first place and Ryan Dungey came in second. Musquin, Anderson, and Grant round out the top 5.

After the race, Dungey was visibly upset with Chad Reed who exited the stadium in a hurry out a side tunnel likely to avoid conflict.

During a press conference held after the race, Dungey looked like he was mentally in a better place and seemed to be coping well with Reed’s stunt.

“It’s not ideal. I think that everybody saw it — right — I mean, it’s just a, Eli gets around quick and easy and then three laps go by and he’s in the groove, he’s in the line,” Dungey said, questioning why “a lapper” wouldn’t have the respect to let him by.

Next week’s race in Seattle takes place outdoors and the weather is anticipated to be an issue.

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