Top 12 weapons confiscated by TSA in 2014 *PICTURES*

Intellihub’s top 12 confiscated weapon picks from the TSA’s very own Instagram

(INTELLIHUB.COM) — The Transportation Security Administration’s 2014 FY budget totals $18.753B and is far from chump change to say the least.

The Federal allotment is dived up as follows:

  • $7.4 billion for TSA
  • $4.968 billion for Aviation Security
    • $3.89 billion for screening operations
    • $382.5 million for explosive detection systems
    • $103.4 million for checkpoint support
    • $1.07 billion for aviation security direction and enforcement
  • $827 million for Federal Air Marshal Service (FAMS)
  • $180 million for Transportation Threat Assessment and Credentialing

However, it is merely a matter of one’s opinion if the TSA is actually doing their job, so Intellihub News took on the task to prioritize the top 12 weapons confiscated by the TSA in 2014, to let you, the reader, better determine if they really are.

The weapons were broken down by month (Jan.-Dec.).


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