Top 15 must have items to survive in an extreme situation

(INTELLIHUB) — Sensible Prepper breaks down the top 15 survival items you will need in an emergency situation.

“Be prepared for whatever life throws at you, not only for your Survival but those you love. I tried to make it a Top 10 but there were serious holes that had to be filled. Survive and Thrive!” — Sensible Prepper

The top 15 items according to Sensible Prepper are as follows:

  1. Trauma KitTarp/Poncho
  2. Fire kit — has knife & lighter too
  3. Water Filter
  4. Canteen
  5. Fixed blade knife
  6. Emergency food rations
  7. Flashlight Xtra batteries
  8. Bandana /shemagh
  9. Backpack
  10. Multitool
  11. Paracord 7 strand at least
  12. Duct tape
  13. Ax
  14. Firearm — ammo too!