NEVADA (INTELLIHUB) — In July of 2015, a man by the name of Jeremiah Hasvold filmed four tourists being taken into custody for breaching the gate, border, of one of America’s most secret military installations — Area 51. And although it’s no surprise that the tourists were taken into custody for entering base property, the manner in which they were taken in was eerie to say the least.

That day Hasvold and his son “set out to explore” what they could of Area 51 and were out on Black Box Road when they spotted two “friendly” foreign couples a few hundred feet away, who they could hear speaking broken English.

Moments later the four foreigners had a bright idea and planned to head up to the “main entrance” which is located further down Black Box Road where others have had encounters with the infamous “camo dudes,” so Hasvold and his son decided to follow behind the tourists vehicle to capture the incident on film.

Screencapture via FindingUFO/YouTube
Screencapture via FindingUFO/YouTube

Interestingly the tourists manage to pull their vehicle up to the two signs and waited — signs that authorize the “use of deadly force” if you cross them.

area 51 security
Screencapture via FindingUFO/YouTube

Then, seconds later, the man driving the vehicle containing three other passengers rushed through the gate, entering the ‘restricted zone.’ The driver headed right for the camo dudes before eventually stopping as security aggressively drew their weapons on the approaching vehicle.

Massive object above Jupiter: Image
Screencapture via FindingUFO/YouTube
Screencapture via FindingUFO/YouTube

The tourists were told to walk backwards toward the security team who took all four them into custody, only to never be seen again.

Additionally it is important to point out that these tourists were still 15 to 20 miles from the actual base, which raise questions to why they were so aggressively perused and detained.

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Featured image: Screencapture via FindingUFO/YouTube