Townsfolk claim all children are missing from town, military presence

"It's just strange cause people are talking like they notice it... would they notice if their cousin's kids are missing or their neighbors? They are telling us to stay in our houses so we don't notice these people missing."

PIKE COUNTY (INTELLIHUB) — Several residents in the small Missouri town of Aberdeen came forth in a YouTube vlog on Monday in which they expressed their concern over the fact that no children have been seen in their town of about 5,000 in recent days and documented a military presence.

“There’s still no children,” one of the women in the video said. “…and it’s not being announced for whatever reason.”

The two women can be seen in the video driving around town to various subdivisions where children are usually present and see nothing. The streets are bare despite the fact that residents have not been ordered to stay inside.

One of the women said that there has been a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the nearby town of Amory in which a woman suddenly collapsed inside a grocery store after coming in contact with someone who took a cruise to Italy.

We have seen two children and we have been driving around all morning,” the driver said. “Where’s the rest of the kids?”

“Schools are closed. daycares are closed, people are out and about,” the passenger explained. “Where are the rest of the kids?”


“And don’t tell me that they are all staying in the house. These are good ole boys here — these are people that aren’t scared of sh*t.”

“This town is poor — not everyone has Internet and T.V. to even be updated to what’s going on in the world.” the driver explained. “They wouldn’t be aware of it because they’re not announcing it.”

“The checkout lady [at the grocery store] said everyone is missing and no one is talking about it [they are] just acting like it’s normal,” she explained. “That’s strange to me — now the checkout lady is talking about it.”

Additionally, the woman said that the Head Start bus was even looking for kids that they were supposed to be picking up.

“We are going down random roads and we are not seeing any children down any of these roads so where are they? She questioned. “We are not trying to sound paranoid but this is just too odd… no children… none.”

Moreover, the women discovered more af a National Guard presence in town and newly imported heavily armored equipment.

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