Toxic Toys Sold to Your Children Without Your Knowledge

November 22, 2012

These toys, like the one on the right side of this page are being sold online and also in toy stores across the United States, to children three years old and older.  They are mislabeled in many cases and do not advise parents of the hazards of the toxic chemicals inside of these packages.

Young children can purchase them, without parental approval, and use them without parental supervision, which is required if these products are to be used by children.  Since parents are unaware of the “Adult Supervision Requirement” and the potential hazards of these chemicals these toys should be removed from stores or only sold to adults and not to children.

We have photographed just one example, the front and back of this package and will be providing information below on the chemicals in these products and the hazard warnings.

We are also putting online the agencies that can take these products off store shelves in order to protect our children and grandchildren.

ALERT!   It should also be noted that many of these same chemicals are used in other products such as  baby diapers and in feminine hygiene products for men and women. They are used in hospitals and convalescent homes.  It is time that we take action to protect our children, men and women from using these products without understanding the hazards!  We have listed these hazards under the diaper section below.

The photograph on the right is the back side of the above package.  Please note that the front side only has warnings regarding choking hazards from small parts and on the bottom states “Not for Children Under 3 Years” .  On the top right it states “Ages 4+”.

There is a statement on the front which reads:  “Adult Supervision Required” and then “Safe & Non-Toxic”.

There are no instructions as to why Adult Supervision is Required except online. Since most children and parents won’t visit the Internet to learn about the hazards associated with this product and since many young children can’t read or may not follow directions by reading all the statements on the package…it means that this product may be improperly used.

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