Transform Readers Into a Powerful Weapon – NWO Resistance


(INTELLIHUB) — This is a thanks to all the readers of this website and the “Intel Soldiers” that actively participate in this information war. We will ultimately put an end to the corruption within governments and societies throughout if we keep building our forces, voicing our opinions, and sharing information with others in the full scale infobattle that has been waged against the powers that be.

The mass awakening of the people of the world has turned into nothing less than a

Global Resistance.

The elite’s have waged war against humanity on every level. From depopulation to total enslavement, they push the the limits of tyranny every day.

That is what makes the Intellihub (Civilian Intelligence Agency) an important tool and resource for the people. We encourage whistleblowers, tips, and reports from anyone who wants to participate. The information needs to reach the masses, and fast.


Other websites such as Activist Post,,Veterans Today,and have done an amazing job exposing the corrupt elite and we hope we have been a valuable addition to the NWO Resistance movement that is growing in numbers everyday.

Help us to expand our base by telling at least three people a day about our website and attending our radio show in force. “Calling all Intel Soldiers!”. For our operation to grow and for the populous to prevail against the powers that be we must reach more people.

We are asking  all of our readers to come check out the Intellihub radio show on American Freedom Radio. We are on five days a week 1-3 pm pacific that is 4-6 pm eastern Monday – Friday. Our first show will be on Thursday, July 22nd and will feature guests Wayne Madsen, Project Gulf Impact, and Marine Biologist Dr. Chris Pincetich. Be sure to check out ALL the wonderful shows on AFR. Our Blogtalkradio isnt going anywhere and will still feature some very talented hosts who will continue to do their part in this infowar.

Be sure to catch our special show tonight at 9pm eastern. We will be making a major announcement with special guests Project Gulf Impact.


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