‘Foreign leaders are looking for a U.S. president who can read a teleprompter and listen’

(INTELLIHUB) — President Donald Trump calmed the nerves of major run-of-the-mill foreign allies during his joint address to Congress Tuesday night, offering them balance and clarity, according to Eurasia Group president Ian Bremmer who appeared on a Fox News segment Wednesday.

Trump is “actually finding his feet a little bit,” the C.E.O. said.

“At the end of the day there are a lot of countries that know they have to work with the world’s only superpower, but they would rather do it in a more balanced way. They don’t want to be suddenly thrown under the bus by every tweet. Last night’s speech make them feel like okay, this is someone who can ultimately listen a little, can read a teleprompter.”

“That’s what the foreign leaders are listening for.”

Bremmer is in the field of political risk consolation.

Lexi Morgan is an opinion journalist and an exclusive weapon of Intellihub News & Politics.
Featured Image: Ian Bremmer (linkedineditors/Flickr)
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