Trump ordered feds, police, snatch and grab Americans off streets

American citizens are being snatched and grabbed out of their vehicles on public streets in broad daylight and no one is doing anything about it

American citizens are being unconstitutionally snatched and grabbed off of public streets and out of their personal vehicles with no warrant in what can only be considered a full-fledged communist takeover of the nation that has been authorized by President Donald Trump at the highest level.

What’s next? Will the government start snatching up homeless people too or have they already? (Intellihub will be investigating)

American citizens driving through the City of Kenosha, Wisconsin, were ambushed and forcefully removed from their vehicle at gunpoint by police and federal agents on Wednesday before being detained. The occupants of the vehicle appeared to be merely driving down the road at the time of their arrest.

The unconstitutional action ordered by President Donald Trump was all captured on camera. Americans being pulled from their vehicles with no probable cause or warrant.

This type of Nazi SS-like behavior will only lead to all-out tyranny which appears to be where this is all headed. The stop and arrest were made unconstitutionally. America is no longer America–it’s a dystopian police state, end of the story.

A look-a-like android resembles President Donald Trump. But could Biden have a clone too?

The bottom line is that President Trump ordered the snatch and grabs on Wednesday when he sent in federal agents into Kenosha.

President Trump Tweeted: “…TODAY, I will be sending federal law enforcement and the National Guard to Kenosha, WI to restore LAW and ORDER!”

Wake up, people! Total tyranny is already here and apparently the deep state had Trump usher it all in. A Trojan horse–a sneak attack–well played.

Meanwhile, talking heads in both the mainstream media and alternative media alike are attempting to prop up their fearless leader who they promoted the whole time over the past 4 years just to watch America burn in flames as Trump ushers in the New World Order for the globalist cabal. It will be comical to watch them all go down with the sinking ship and lose any and all credibility in the process.

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