Trump plans to bring manufacturing back to U.S. “big league”

POTUS plans to fast-tract permits

(INTELLIHUB) — President Trump has a lot of new plans for a lot of new items to be built in the United States he said Tuesday in a meeting with U.S. automakers.

“It’s happening big league […] We are bringing manufacturing back to the United States […] It’s the long-term jobs that we’re looking for.”

Trump asserted his opinion on how environmental restrictions need to be opened up and talked about how doing that alone will generate jobs.

“I am to a large extent an environmentalist — I believe in it — but it’s out of control,” Trump said, referring to restrictions.

Trump said he wants the ability to fast-tract permits which typically have a long wait time, holding up crucial business that needs to be done in order to stimulate the economy on a national level.

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