Trump protest feed: Clinton supporters take to the streets because their team didn’t win

Trump’s sweeping win of the electoral vote was a stunning blow to Hillary Clinton supporters

All across the country, the election of Donald Trump is being protested with increasing fervor. Despite all odds (since all the public odds were rigged)  Trump’s sweeping win of the electoral vote was a stunning blow to Hillary Clinton supporters.

And they aren’t taking their loss gracefully. They’re shouting, swearing, crying, and, according to the most frequent word I’ve seen, absolutely terrified.  They seem unaware of the irony that when they refer to Trump as a fascist, they’re actually the ones protesting a legitimately elected leader simply because their candidate didn’t win.

Protests began last night within hours of the announcement.

The First Amendment guarantees our right to peaceful assembly, but that isn’t what is happening. Injuries, obstruction of roadways, and destruction of property have begun to occur, and I strongly believe the violence will continue to escalate. If you can at all, stay home and away from areas with large gatherings – it doesn’t take much to turn a peaceful crowd into an angry mob. If you are unprepared for civil unrest on this scale, go here for guidance.

We’re a small operation here at, and there are just too many people having hissies because their team didn’t win the trophy.  Since we can’t write a new article for each one, I’m putting them into one feed that will be updated frequently. Check back for the latest temper tantrums updates frequently.

Wednesday, 10:00 pm CST

Local cops say that neither the Russians or protesters were responsible for 5 people shot near a rally in Seattle  – okay, they actually just cleared the protesters.

Thousands chant “No Trump, No KKK, No Fascists USA” while obstructing traffic in Chicago

Chicago cop wearing a Trump button tells protester:“You know this is why Trump won. Because people are sick of liberals.”

Lady Gaga protested on a garbage truck outside of Trump Tower in New York City.

Thousands marched 40 blocks in NYC, causing traffic jams and blocking guests from entering Trump’s hotel.

A fist fight broke out in front of the White House

Someone wrote “I will kill you Trump” on a NY subway window

Students “struggling to deal” with Trump’s victory were provided “space to work their feelings out” and burn flags, ironically, at American University in DC

Univeristy of Texas students marched peacefully through Austin, many of them wrapped in rainbow flags. Note: these flags were not burned.

A somewhat confused mob in Oakland, CA chanted, “Who’s got the power? We got the power.” Someone should probably let them know that HRC lost so they don’t look silly.

Only a direct quote will do justice to the protest of students in Los Angeles: “Students began tearing apart and burning a Donald Trump pinata, and some students tried to flip over a car. The students stopped after noticing a man inside the car. Other students played guitar and held a Mexican flag.”

Thousands marched through Portland, Oregon, shutting down freeways and spraying graffiti on buildings. The outnumbered police only arrested one person for assault. No one was arrested for vandalism.

Students walked out of class in Nashville, Tennessee to go sit in the middle of the road, where they shouted, “This is what community looks like.”

Orange haired effigies burnt by Clinton supporters in New York. Others were waving placards saying “protect one another”

Protesters gather in anti-Trump rally outside the US embassy in London
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