(INTELLIHUB) — GOP Presidential Candidate and front-runner Donald J. Trump mopped the floor with his competitors Cruz and Kasich, winning all 5 states in the third Super Tuesday contest leading up to the convention.

Trump, now seemingly unstoppable after running-the-table, gave an energetic victory speech Tuesday night and let the world know that he is clearly on track to become the Republican party presidential nominee.

While some say Trump’s approach is brash, one simply can’t argue that whatever he is doing is working rather well. And it goes without saying, ‘if it’s not broke, don’t try and fix it.’ Trump says he plans to maintain his flexibility and doesn’t want to lean any one way right now on the presidential vs. non-presidential issue that we are now hearing about ever too often in the media.

People can say what they want about Trump, but the bottom line is: he’s a winner. Trump has won more states than any of the other 17 candidates that he battled in the field with and has had more landslide victories than any other candidate, which also seems to be his newest theme.

I presume the GOP party bosses are not too happy about Trump’s recent five state victory and may be plotting with the-powers-that-be to ultimately stop Trump, ‘dead’ in his tracks. After all, the way they see it, their choices are running out as the people will continue to vote for Trump in droves, disenfranchising the Elite’s plans to rule another term.

There is also the potential for things to get real wild in an all out martial law type scenario, which could be brought on by any number of things — but namely the fact that it appears the powers-that-be are actually planning to pass the baton to Hillary.

However, seems how Trump is ‘on fire’ and will likely secure the 1,237 Delegates he needs to run against Hillary in the General Election, the powers-that-be may then, at that time, be thrown a wrench that could destroy their entire machine and everything they have worked so hard to achieve — and they simply can’t have that. In such an event we could safely say that’s when the-powers-that-be may try and run Obama for a third term. Could you imagine? And if you think I’m joking, I’m not. The groundwork has already been laid.

You see, Trump will wipe the floor with Hillary in the General Election and the Elite know it and are scared of that very fact. That means the people have spoken and that the Elite have lost their power — and we all know they won’t go down without a fight.

Moreover the powers-that-be also know that you don’t just quietly get rid of someone like Donald Trump, someone with heavy ties and deep connections across all spectrums of society. Furthermore the more Elites try to bite the American people, the more the American people will bite back.

Interestingly enough, the ‘Trump card,’ so to speak, may be Trump himself.


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On the Democratic side Hillary Clinton was the clear winner Tuesday night, over Bernie Sanders, highlighting what I wrote previously; which is the fact that it will ultimately come down to Trump vs. Hillary in the General Election — or outside vs. inside, in what may be the most interesting General Election in the history of the United States.


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