Trump takes anti-establishment stance, Georgia crowd goes wild

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Trump deals crowd dose of reality

By Shepard Ambellas

NORCROSS, Georgia (INTELLIHUB) — “This is some, some, crowd,” Trump said during the opening remarks of his latest speech in which many thousands attended. And no Trump didn’t have “prepared remarks,” as he said, he had “remarks”, meaning ones about how the Country has gone to hell.

“There is so much love in the room it’s like easy, it’s not hard, it’s so much fun”, said Trump grabbing major cheers from the audience. You could really tell he was into it, virtually on fire and to top it all off–teleprompter free.

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“Three months ago I was totally ‘establishment’,” Trump told the crowd.

“I used to give fortunes” to these politicians which have made me “so sick and tired.”

Not to mention, and “it’s so not like me” but, I have “turned down millions and millions of dollars.”

“All of a sudden I’m not that ‘establishment’.”

“But I’m doing it [running for president] because I got so sick and tired of politicians, all talk and no action.”

[Crowd cheers loudly]

Trump went on to admit how he has backed politicians from both sides, Democrat and Republican, during his career as a distinguished businessman.

“I was a business man,” Trump said.

“And they were so good to me.”

Trump also pointed out how when he turns down campaign money the people giving it to him just give it to another candidate, like Jeb or Hillary.

Mr. Trump says he actually feels “bad” for the other candidates because to date he has spent virtually nothing on advertisement and he’s still killing them in the polls.

Trump also said his latest appearance on a few network news shows winded up giving the shows high ratings, they were “through the roof.”

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Hillary Clinton also briefly popped up in Trump’s speech.

She should receive “jail-time”, Trump incinuated in a roundabout way.

Trump went on to poke fun a Hillary’s use of awkward, non-aesthetically pleasing, teleprompters at her speeches which only a few hundred people attend.

“You shouldn’t be allowed to use teleprompters, ” said the Trumpster.

“The distortion of what’s said is incredible.”

“I am so tired of seeing our country ripped to shreds by everybody.”

Our leaders are “incompetent and […] stupid.”

Marco Rubio was “sweating like a pig.”


“This is not exactly a poker player folks.”

“Who would you rather have negotiating for you […]?” Mr. Trump asked the crowd.

[Heavy chanting: “Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump …]

The atrocity known as Common Core was also addressed.

“We will be getting rid of Common Core […] we spend more money than any other country by far than any other country” and we have the worst rankings when it comes to education.

‘We are ranked 28th in the world’

Trump also got into the U.S. trade deficit.

Mexico’s trade deficit with the U.S. is “50 billion dollars a year”, but you know its more because you can probably include another fifty for the “drugs.”

“They are ripping us off to the tune of hundreds of times what the wall would cost” to build, Trump explained.

Then if we settled our “$75 billion” dollar deficit with Japan and our “$400 billion dollar” one with China we could “make America great again.”

China knows they are “getting away with it.”

If you take a look at it we currently have people like “Caroline Kennedy” negotiating deals for us with Japan.

“We can straignten out most of the economics of our Country just by looking at a few of these bigger trade deals.”

‘China has likely pulled the biggest heist on America out of any country in history.’

Moving forward Trump went on to talk about how he wants to “repeal Obamacare” which is a disaster.

On an endnote Trump said all in all people “want to see our Country get better.”

Trump closed with, “We are going to make America great again!’

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