Trump: The networks are making a fortune with the debates

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Bloomberg Business/YouTube

…and CNBC’s John Harwood “told a dirty lie”

(INTELLIHUB) — 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump appeared on Bloomberg Business Monday talking about the debates and just how much money the networks are actually making off them.

“The truth is we should go on strike and say we want money for the Wounded Warriors, for a great charity, the veterans, I would love to give them,” Trump told Bloomberg.

“CNN made a fortune, an absolute fortune.”

“CNN had a two-hour debate […] two days before the debate […] they decided to make it three.”

“Only for one reason, because they sold out all their advertising; they were getting four thousand for a thirty-second ad; they got $250,000; same thing with CNBC.”

Trump followed up by pointing out how CNBC’s John Harwood “told a dirty lie” during the last CNBC debate when Harwood claimed the debate was ‘always going to be two hours’ despite the fact that Trump negotiated the debate down from three.


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