Trump threatens to pull out of next debate unless donations are made to ‘wounded warriors and vets’


Networks making millions off Trump’s ‘celebrity’ — debate planners may be forced to donate to ‘wounded warriors and vets’

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LAS VEGAS (INTELLIHUB) — It looks like the establishment media is getting rich off hosting recent GOP debates. In fact Tuesday night’s debate drew in an average of 18 million viewers and was the third largest televised debate to ever take place on planet Earth according to documented history.

And if that sounds extreme it’s not. I’m just trying to make my point. The fact is these corporate controlled entities are cleaning house, profiteering off 2016 GOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump’s ‘celebrity’ so to speak and they are doing so all the while offering nothing in return.

So you know Trump. He’s very astute. In fact he’s proposed that the networks give a certain amount of their proceeds for future debates to the “wounded warriors” and our “vets.” And why not? It sounds like a good plan to me.

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Trump, who recently appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Show Wednesday night, following his Arizona rally, said he likes Kimmel because he “went against the establishment” and even stood up for Trump at one point.


To no surprise, during the show, the subject of Tuesday’s debate came up.

“You know the networks didn’t [originally] want the debates,” Trump told Kimmel.

“Something happened this cycle and I won’t tell you what it is,” Trump said jokingly, referring to the viewers he’s brought in.

The fact is that Fox, CNN, and others have all profited immensely off the debates and have never offered anything in return.

“Last night they [CNN] had 18 or 19 million.”

Kimmel agreed and said, “It’s not like they run these things commercial-free, there are commercials there.”

“They went from $4000 for thirty-seconds to $250,000 for thirty-seconds,” Trump pointed out.

Trump said:

“Pay it to the wounded warriors, give it to the vets. They are all making a fortune. […] This is something they didn’t even want, these debates and now all of a sudden it’s become a big deal. I guess the Fox was the biggest in the history of cable”

The Fox news debate topped 23 million and was the biggest in cable history.

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Trump told a crowd in Mesa Arizona Wednesday:

“I think I want to maybe not do the next debate just to see it tank.”

Wouldn’t that be interesting. And really it’s not a bad plan. If the current establishment could get things done like Trump does we would already be flourishing.

It’s also important to mention that use of the airfield where Trump’s rally was held Wednesday was donated and cost nothing out of his pocket. Meanwhile old Jeb and others have spent millions to try to dethrone the champ.


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