(INTELLIHUB) — It looks like the Trump train is causing some static as it gains steam.

According to top media publications, foreign diplomats and other world figures have complained to officials in Washington about Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump’s aggressive and often outspoken stance on a variety of issues. Apparently these hardened world leaders can’t handle the truth, nor do they want to be truthful.

Establishment sponsored rhetoric published in Reuters reads as follows:

The three officials declined to disclose a full list of countries whose diplomats have complained, but two said they included at least India, South Korea, Japan and Mexico.

U.S. officials said it was highly unusual for foreign diplomats to express concern, even privately, about candidates in the midst of a presidential campaign. U.S. allies in particular usually don’t want to be seen as meddling in domestic politics, mindful that they will have to work with whoever wins.

Oh I’m so sorry; did they get their feelings hurt?

Do you see what I am saying here? This rhetoric is the most absurd thing I have ever seen surface in the media. Apparently these tough worldly figureheads are so frail that they cant even handle a few statements made by a potential presidential candidate. Are they spineless?

And you can see where Washington is going with this. It’s almost scary. Almost as if they are going to attempt to quell free speech and or silence the Trumpster himself.

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