Trump vindicated as ‘real deal’ after appearing on top underground news show

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2016 GOP front-runner vindicated after Alex Jones broadcast

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(INTELLIHUB) — 2016 Republican Presidential front-runner Donald J. Trump appeared on the Alex Jones show Wednesday giving a no holds barred interview that must be heard by all Americans.

Due to Jones’ stature in the alternative news underground scene–Donald Trump’s appearance on the show vindicated and further vets Trump’s credentials to the fullest as a tried-and-true candidate who thinks and operates independently outside bought and paid for circles.

Trump started off by talking about the ‘cheering Muslims’, ‘9/11’, controversy which has recently swept the corporate controlled mainline press–an obvious blatant and concerted effort to take Trump out of the lead. You see the powers-that-be are doing everything in their power and would like you to believe that no Muslims, not one, cheered inside the U.S. just after the attacks. However we all know that would be absurd and we all know that many Muslims cheered worldwide as the towers fell on that dreadful day. So to say that no Muslims inside the U.S. cheered is just ridiculous. In fact it’s crazy that the mainline press would even push that narrative which speaks to their credibility overall.

“So many people have called in” saying they saw Muslims celebrating that day, Trump said.

“People wanted me to apologize but we can’t do it,” we are not wrong.

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Trump said that he would surely “apologize” if he was indeed “wrong”–but admits he’s not.

“They were celebrating and they were celebrating the fall of the World Trade Center, I think that’s disgraceful.”

There are “evil people” in the world who want nothing more then to kill us, cut our heads off and “blow up our cities,” said Trump.

“We have to deal with reality […] we need proper surveillance […] we have pathetic weak borders […] that’s the number one problem.”

Jones agreed and pushed on to mention how Trump pointed out Turkey was supporting ISIS one day before the media released the story.

“Well I was right about that,” Trump responded.

“I find this stuff interesting.”

Trump said he also publicly predicted that Osama Bin Laden was going to be a major problem for America about a year before 9/11.

Jones responded:

“Listen I get it. You are a true maverick. I understand. […] But let’s get down to brass tax. […] I routinely talk to the top generals, Special Forces, Pentagon, retired CIA, as I know you do, and we’ll just leave it at that. [now] we can turn this around right now or we are done. […] there is an internal war going on.

“What you are doing is epic,” Jones told Trump, also pointing out that Trump was one of the only major public figures that contested the war in 2001, 2002, 2003.

“If you are going to go to war you have to do it properly,” Trump said.

“If you take out Iran or if you take out Iraq you are going to destabilize the Middle East […] then Iran is going to come in and take over Iraq,” Trump explained.

‘This is what they’ve done.’

“We should have kept the oil.”

Trump’s relationship with foreign leaders

“I think I get along great with people. I think I will get along well with [Putin],” said Trump.

“We lose with every country yet we don’t get along with anybody.”

“We are going to take back our jobs […] our manufacturing […] but they’ll like us more than they do now.”

“We are going to do so many things.”

What you are doing […] is George Washington level,” Jones said.

The real deal

Trump carried on to reassure the audience that “the key is to make America great again […] greater than ever before.” Although Trump said if we wait too long it will all be over.

“This is going to be the most important election that our country has ever had.”


“If [Hillary] runs her greatest legacy will be getting out of the email scandal.”

Jones wanted some reassurance that Trump wouldn’t pull a “Ross Perot” and pull out of the race at the last minute or if ‘death threated’, which in my opinion was the best part of the interview. Jones also said that about “ninety-percent” of his audience is for Trump.

To make a long story short Trump said he’s in it for the long haul and really want’s to “make America great.”

When asked who his running mate might be Trump said he’s not sure, but respects many of the other candidates.

“We are going to make the country so strong […] and make it financially secure […] rich.”

‘We need to take back our jobs and money from these other counties ripping us off or we are going to have problems,’ Trump explained.

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